By Kailash Bhatia MD, DM, FRCP and Marcelo Merello MD, PhD

As the New Year rings in, we would like to inform our Movement Disorders Clinical Practice (MD-CP) readership of some changes that the journal will be implementing soon. We are delighted that, due to its incredible success with an increasing number of submissions, the journal will now publish 6 issues annually. According to this new scheme, the first issue of MD-CP in 2016 will be published in February, and it will be published bimonthly thereafter. With this change, the journal's page budget will increase by an additional 100 published pages per year.

We had envisaged that we might be able to increase the number of issues, but we have had to take this (rather pleasant) decision earlier than planned, mainly to accommodate the number of interesting and high-quality papers that are submitted to us.

The bimonthly periodicity will also reduce the publication time and will give the readership the possibility of enjoying the journal content more frequently. MD-CP readership may also notice another related change, namely, in the redesign of the journal's home page on the Wiley Online Library site. This new design improves the visibility and accessibility of our Early View content. We have also revamped our article design — using different font styles, larger titles, and a more eye-catching presentation for abstracts and figures — all of which will improve the readability of the journal.

We are grateful to all of the authors and the Movement Disorder Society membership for the wonderful support that has made all this possible.


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