Movement Disorders-Clinical Practice Vol. 3 Issue 3

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May/June 2016
Vol. 3, Issue 3


Editorial Commentary

Once STN DBS, Always STN DBS? Clinical, Ethical, and Financial Reflections on Deep Brain Stimulation for Parkinson's Disease

Marwan Hariz



Non-Oral Continuous Drug Delivery Techniques in Parkinson's Disease: For Whom, When, and How?

Jonathan Timpka, Tove Henriksen and Per Odin


Standardized Assessment of Hereditary Ataxia Patients in Clinical Studies

Brigitte K. Paap, Sandra Roeske, Alexandra Durr, Ludger Schöls, Tetsuo Ashizawa, Sylvia Boesch, Lisa M. Bunn, Martin B. Delatycki, Paola Giunti, Stéphane Lehéricy, Caterina Mariotti, Jörg Melegh, Massimo Pandolfo, Chantal M.E. Tallaksen, Dagmar Timmann, Shoji Tsuji, Jörg Bela Schulz, Bart P. van de Warrenburg and Thomas Klockgether


Case Reports

Paroxysmal Hemiballism/Hemichorea Resulting from Transient Ischemic Attacks

Carmen Gasca-Salas and Anthony E. Lang

Video Article with video

A Case of Functional Belly Dancer's Dyskinesia

Hyun Joo Cho, Pattamon Panyakaew, Prachaya Srivanitchapoom and Mark Hallett

Video Article with video

Treatment of Isolated dystonia with Zolpidem

Yoshimichi Miyazaki, Hidetaka Koizumi, Ryosuke Miyamoto, Toshitaka Kawarai and Ryuji Kaji

Video Article with 4 videos

Effective Interventional Magnetic Resonance Image-Guided Laser Ablations in a Parkinson's Disease Patient with Refractory Tremor

Marta San Luciano, Maya Katz, Jill Ostrem, Alastair Martin, Philip Starr, Nathan Ziman and Paul Larson

Video Article with video

Misleading Imaging and Clinical Features in Pathology-Proven Corticobasal Degeneration

Cara Jacob, Alberto J. Espay, Matthew C. Hagen and Andrew P. Duker

Video Article with video

Research Articles 

DRUM-PD: The Use of a Drum Circle to Improve the Symptoms and Signs of Parkinson's Disease

Alexander Pantelyat, Candace Syres, Suzanne Reichwein and Allison Willis


Associations and Implications of Low Health Literacy in Parkinson's Disease

Jori E. Fleisher, Krunal Shah, Whitney Fitts and Nabila A. Dahodwala


Associations Between Cardiovascular Events and Nonergot Dopamine Agonists in Parkinson's Disease

James A.G. Crispo, Allison W. Willis, Dylan P. Thibault, Yannick Fortin, Matthew Emons, Lise M. Bjerre, Dafna E. Kohen, Santiago Perez-Lloret, Donald Mattison and Daniel Krewski


Substantia Nigra Echogenicity Predicts Response to Drug Withdrawal in Suspected Drug-Induced Parkinsonism

Jose L. López-Sendón Moreno, Araceli Alonso-Cánovas, Javier Buisán Catevilla, Nuria García Barragán, Iñigo Corral Corral, Alicia de Felipe Mimbrera, María Consuelo Matute Lozano, Jaime Masjuan Vallejo and Juan Carlos Martínez-Castrillo


Urinary Dysfunctions Are More Severe in the Parkinsonian Phenotype of Multiple System Atrophy

Tatsuya Yamamoto, Masato Asahina, Yoshitaka Yamanaka, Tomoyuki Uchiyama, Shigeki Hirano, Atsuhiko Sugiyama, Ryuji Sakakibara and Satoshi Kuwabara


Ultrasound as Diagnostic Tool for Diaphragmatic Myoclonus

Vesper Fe Marie Llaneza Ramos, Elaine Considine, Barbara I. Karp, Codrin Lungu, Katharine Alter and Mark Hallett

Video Article with video

Phenomenology Video

Transient Idiopathic Dystonia in Infance: A Clinical Case and Video Description

Chiara Davico, Francesca Sotgiu and Carlotta Canavese

Video Article with video

Case Series

Malignant Subthalamic Nucleus: Deep Brain Stimulation Withdrawal Syndrome in Parkinson's Disease

Roopa Rajan, Syam Krishnan, Krishna Kumar Kesavapisharady and Asha Kishore


Dystonia in Patients With Spinocerebellar Ataxia Type 2

Vladana Markovic, Natasa T. Dragasevic-Miskovic, Iva Stankovic, Igor Petrovic, Marina Svetel and Vladimir S. Kostić

Video Article with 2 videos

Intraventricular Baclofen for Treatment of Severe Dystonia Associated with Glutaryl-CoA Dehydrogenase Deficiency (GA1): Report of Two Cases

Saadi Ghatan, Malgosia A. Kokoszka, Anne M. Ranney and Kevin A. Strauss

Video Article with video

Familial Adult-Onset Alexander Disease with a Novel GFAP Mutation

Hana Ogura, Futaba Maki, Naoshi Sasaki, Tomokatsu Yoshida and Yasuhiro Hasegawa


In Focus

New Light Shed on Leucine-Rich Repeat Kinase 2 (LRRK2) Kinase Inhibitors in Parkinson's Disease

Diana A. Olszewska and Tim Lynch


Clinical Practice


Dr. Marcelo MerelloDr. Marcelo Merello, MD, PhD
Western Hemisphere

Prof. Kailash BhatiaProf. Kailash Bhatia, MD, DM, FRCP
Eastern Hemisphere


About Movement Disorders Clinical Practice

Movement Disorders Clinical Practice is a new online journal committed to publishing high-quality, peer reviewed articles related to clinical aspects of movement disorders. These broadly include:

  • Phenomenology (interesting case, case series, rarities)
  • Investigative (genetics, imaging)
  • Translational (phenotype-genotype, etc.)
  • Treatment aspects (clinical guidelines, diagnostic and treatment algorithms)

In addition, the journal encourages the publication of educational material (solicited and unsolicited reviews),
clinical-pathological cases, drug trial results and task force reports related to the field of movement disorders.

Submission of multimedia materials (videos, podcasts, graphics, etc.) accompanying all types of articles is encouraged.

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