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April 1, 2014
Vol. 1, Issue 1



From the Reflex Hammer to Molecular Biology: Do Clinical Descriptions Still Play a Role in Our Neurological Decision Making? Jorge Luis Borges and the Analytic Language of Wilkins
Marcelo Merello, MD, PhD and Kailash Bhatia, MD, DM, FRCP

How Do I?

Examination of Patients with Essential Tremor
Franziska Hopfner, MD, Günther Deuschl, MD, PhD

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Advances in the Genetics of Parkinson's Disease: A Guide for the Clinician
Una-Marie Sheerin, MRCP, Henry Houlden, PhD, FRCP and Nicholas W. Wood, PhD, FRCP

The Pragmatic Treatment of Wilson's Disease
Annu Aggarwal, MD, DNB, MRCP (UK), Mohit Bhatt, MD, DM
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Subthalamic Nucleus vs. Globus Pallidus Internus Deep Brain Stimulation: Translating the Rematch Into Clinical Practice
Nolan R. Williams, MD, Kelly D. Foote, MD, and Michael S. Okun, MD

The Phenomenology of Functional (Psychogenic) Dystonia
Christos Ganos, MD, Mark J. Edwards, MD, PhD, and Kailash Bhatia, MD, FRCP
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Clinical - Pathological Case

Atypical Parkinsonism-Dystonia Syndrome Caused by a Novel DJ1 Mutation
Jose M. Bras, PhD, Rita J. Guerreiro, PhD, James T. H. Teo, MRCP, PhD, Lee Darwent, MSc, Jenny Vaughan, MD, Sophie Molloy, MD, MRCPI, John Hardy, PhD, Susanne A. Schneider, MD, PhD

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Clinico-Pathological Correlation in Progressive Ataxia and Palatal Tremor: A Novel Tauopathy
Zoltan Mari, MD, Andrew J. M. Halls, BA, Alexander Vortmeyer, MD, PhD, Victoria Zhukareva, PhD, Kunihiro Uryu, PhD, Virginia M. - Y. Lee, PhD, MBA and Mark Hallett, MD

Original Articles

The Clinical Syndrome of Paroxysmal Exercise-Induced Dystonia: Diagnostic Outcomes and an Algorithm
Roberto Erro, MD, Maria Stamelou, MD, PhD, Christos Ganos, MD, Matej Skorvanek, MD, Vladimir Han, MD, Amit Vatla, MD, PhD, Kailash Bhatia, MD, FRCP

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Adult-Onset Primary Dystonic Tics: A Different Entity?
Roberto Erro, MD, Davide Martino, MD, PhD, Christos Ganos, MD, Joana Damasio, MD, Amit Batla, MD, PhD, Kailash Bhatia, MD, FRCP

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Case Series

Can Isolated Enlarged Virchow-Robin Spaces Influence the Clinical Manifestations of Parkinson's Disease?
Tiago A. Mestre, MD, Melissa J. Armstrong, MD, Richard Walsh, MD, Amaal Al Dakheel, MD, Elena Moro, MD, A. Jon Stoessl, MD, Anthony E. Lang, MD
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Case Reports

'Rapidly' Progressive Supranuclear Palsy
Melissa Armstrong, MD, MSc, Rudy J. Castellani, MD, Stephen G. Reich, MD

Deep Brain Stimulation for DYT3 Dystonia
Alexander Lehn, MD, FRACP, Caroline Airey, FRACP, Sarah Olson, FRACS, John D. O'Sullivan, MD, FRACP, Richard Boyle, FRACP

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Tremor in Spinocerebellar Ataxia Type 12 (SCA12)
Lorraine V. Kalia, MD, PhD, Cheryl Rockman-Greenberg, MDCM, Andrew Borys, MD, Anthony E. Lang, MD

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Dystonic Tremor and Spasmodic Dysphonia in Spinocerebellar Ataxia Type 12
Christos Ganos, MD, Tabish A. Saifee, MD, Panagiotis Kassavetis, MD, Roberto Erro, MD, Amit Batla, MD, Carla Cordivari, MD, Kailash Bhatia, MD, FRCP

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Treatment of Involuntary Movements with Carbamazepine in Dystonic-Choreoathetoid Cerebral Palsy
Shyamal H. Mehta, MD, PhD, Inder M. Sawhney, FRCP (UK), Kathir Yoganathan, FRCP (UK), Jill P. Trumble, MD, John C. Morgan, MD, PhD, Kapil D. Sethi, MD, FRCP (UK)

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Paroxysmal Kinesigenic Dyskinesia may be Misdiagnosed in Co-Occurring Gilles de la Tourette Syndrome
Christos Ganos, MD, Niccolo Mencacci, MD, Alice Gardiner, MSc, Roberto Erro, MD, Amit Batla, MD, Henry Houlden, MD, Kailash Bhatia, MD, FRCP
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Clinical Practice


Dr. Marcelo Merello, MD, PhD
Western Hemisphere

Prof. Kailash Bhatia, MD, DM, FRCP
Eastern Hemisphere


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