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June 1, 2014
Vol. 1 Issue 2

How Do I?

How Do I Test For Postural Stability?
Christopher Goetz MD,  Padmaja Vittal MD, MS and John Maldonado BS
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Phenomenology Video

A Little Something for the Palate
Seby John MD, Norman K. So MD, and Jinny Tavee MD
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Sleep Disorders in Atypical Parkinsonism
Sabra M. Abbott MD, PhD, and Aleksandar Videnovic MD, MSc

Research Article

MDS-Sponsored Scale Translation Program: Process, Format, and Clinimetric Testing Plan for the MDS-UPDRS and UDysRS
Christopher G. Goetz MD, Glenn T. Stebbins PhD, Lu Wang MS, Nancy R. LaPelle PhD, Sheng Luo PhD, and Barbara C. Tilley PhD


Clinical Vignette

Hereditary Diffuse Leucoencephalopathy and Spheroids Resulting From a Mutation in CSF1R: A Rare Cause of Parkinsonism
Anna Molloy MRCPI, Laura Williams MRCPI, Michael Farrell FRCPI, FRCPC, FRCPath, and Sean O'Riordan FRCPI
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Case Series

Prominent Lower-Limb Involvement in a Family with Myoclonus-Dystonia
Christopher Kobylecki MRCP, PhD, Dinesh Damodaran MRCP, Bronwyn Kerr FRACP, FRCP, FRCPCH, Richard W. Newton FRCPCH, and Monty A. Silverdale PhD, MRCP
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The Clinical Spectrum of Ataxia with Oculomotor Apraxia Type 2
Florian Brugger MD, Michael Schüpbach MD, Michel Koenig MD, PhD, René Müri MD, PhD, Stephan Bohlhalter MD, Alain Kaelin-Lang MD, PhD, Christian P. Kamm MD and Georg Kägi MD
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Psychogenic Movement Disorders: Gait Is a Give-Away!
Bettina Balint MD, Lisa M.L. van Winsen MD, Kailash P. Bhatia MD and Bas R. Bloem MD, PhD
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Post-Traumatic Shoulder Movement Disorders: A Challenging Differential Diagnosis Between Organic and Functional
Sanjay Pandey MD, DM, Fatta Nahab MD, Jason Aldred MD, John Nutt MD, and Mark Hallett MD
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Characteristic 'Forcible' Geste Antagoniste in Oromandibular Dystonia Resulting From Pantothenate Kinase-Associated Neurodegeneration
Igor N. Petrović MD, Nikola Kresojević MD, Christos Ganos MD, Marina Svetel PhD, Nataša Dragašević PhD, Kailash P. Bhatia MD, FRCP and Vladimir S. Kostić MD, FRCP
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Case Reports

Jaw-Opening Oromandibular Dystonia Associated With Spinocerebellar Ataxia Type 2
Antonella Antenora MD, Silvio Peluso MD, Francesco Saccà MD, Giuseppe De Michele MD and Alessandro Filla MD
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Atypical PLA2G6-Associated Neurodegeneration: Social Communication Impairment, Dystonia and Response to Deep Brain Stimulation
Laura Cif MD, PhD, Manju A. Kurian MD, PhD, Victoria Gonzalez MD, Sara Garcia-Ptacek MD, Thomas Roujeau MD, Philippe Gelisse MD, Ana Maria Moura de Ribeiro MD, Arielle Crespel MD, PhD, Lesley MacPherson MD, and Philippe Coubes MD, PhD
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Paroxysmal Kinesigenic Dystonia in a Lesch-Nyhan Disease Variant
Beatriz De La Casa-Fages MD, PhD, Javier R. Pérez-Sánchez MD and Francisco Grandas MD, PhD
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Posthemorrhagic Hemiparkinsonism Treated by Unilateral Pallidal Stimulation
Josefina Martínez-Simón MD, Carmen Sáez-Zea PhD, Majed J. Katati MD, PhD, Francisco Escamilla-Sevilla MD, PhD and Adolfo Mínguez-Castellanos MD, PhD
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Perimenstrual Fluctuations in Two Siblings With Early-Onset Parkinson's Disease
Fabienne S. Sprenger MD, Klaus Seppi MD, Elisabeth Wolf MD and Werner Poewe MD

Pallidal Deep Brain Stimulation in DYT6: Significant Long-Term Improvement of Dystonia and Disability Sara França MD, João Massano MD, Paulo Linhares MD, Maria José Rosas MD and Jens Volkmann MD, PhD
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The Pirouette Test to Evaluate Asymmetry in Parkinsonian Gait Freezing
Martin M. Reich MD, Anna D. Sawalhe MD, Frank Steigerwald MD, Silvia Johannes MD, Cordula Matthies MD and Jens Volkmann MD, PhD
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Fixed Dystonia of the Tongue
Roberto Erro MD, Carla Cordivari MD, Santiago Catania MD, Kailash P. Bhatia FRCP, and Mark J. Edwards MRCP
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Clinical Practice


Dr. Marcelo MerelloDr. Marcelo Merello, MD, PhD
Western Hemisphere

Prof. Kailash BhatiaProf. Kailash Bhatia, MD, DM, FRCP
Eastern Hemisphere


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Movement Disorders Clinical Practice is an online journal committed to publishing high-quality, peer reviewed articles related to clinical aspects of movement disorders. These broadly include:

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In addition, the journal encourages the publication of educative material (solicited and unsolicited reviews),
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