Moving Along Newsletter

Moving Along Issue 22 Volume 1Moving Along provides up-to-date information on new developments in the field of Movement Disorders, as well as MDS announcements and other news.

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Current features include:

  • My Generation: Personal testimonials from young movement disorders physicians
  • Where Are They Now?: Historical interviews with pioneers in the field
  • MDS Affiliate Member Reports: Find out more about Affiliate Member activities and future plans
  • Controversies: Summaries of opposing viewpoints on topics in the field

If you are interested in contributing to a future issue of Moving Along, please submit a letter to the Editors.

Moving Along  Editors:
Prof. Carlo Colosimo, MD (at left)
and Dr. Mark Stacy, MD

Moving Along Editors Prof. Carlo Colosimo, MD (at left) and Dr. Mark Stacy, MD   


Prof. Carlo Colosimo and Dr. Mark Stacy, Co-Editors, discuss the Society's newsletter, Moving Along.