September/October 2018 Website Edition


From your Website Editorial Team: Susan Fox, MD, PhD; Brandon Barton, MD; and Santiago Perez-Lloret, MD, PhD

September/October 2018

Nominations open for Leadership Positions

Nominations are being sought for MDS Leadership Positions. Elections will be held during the 2019 MDS International Congress in Nice. MDS members are invited to get involved in the Society’s nomination process, by submitting candidate profiles to be included in the Nominating Committee’s deliberations. Deadline for Candidate Profile Submissions is Monday, September 24, 2018. Don’t miss the opportunity to help shaping the future of our society.

MDS Blog: Genetic Testing for GBA and LRRK2 Mutations

A new “not-to-be-missed” MDS Blog entry about Genetic Testing for GBA and LRRK2 Mutations is now available in the web! Authors Jill S. Goldman, MS, MPhil, CGC; David K. Simon, MD, PhD; and Nir Giladi, MD discuss about the advantages and concerns in offering genetic testing to selected populations of patients with PD and the usefulness of this information for patient management.

MDS EBM Committee Completes Update to 2018 Paper

The MDS Evidence Based Medicine Committee has completed its 2018 update on Treatments for Non-Motor Symptoms of Parkinson's Disease. The review paper covered neuropsychiatric symptoms, autonomic dysfunction, disorders of sleep and wakefulness, pain, fatigue, impaired olfaction, ophthalmologic dysfunction, and global non-motor symptoms. Clinical efficacy, implications for clinical practice, and safety conclusions reports are discussed in the document, helping the treating physician to determine which additional interventions are efficacious and clinically useful.

Social Media Ambassador Program at the PAS Congress

The 2nd Pan American Parkinson’s Disease and Movement Disorders Congress, which was held at Miami on June 2018, saw the continuation of the successful Social Media Ambassador Program. In this opportunity Drs. Cerquera-Cleves, Crowell, Gonzalez-Latapi, Lizarraga, Ibanez Martinez, Martinez-Ramirez, Carricarte Naranjo, Ramirez, Tourreilles, and Rodríguez Violante, worked hard to help promoting and generating interest in the PAS Congress prior to and during the meeting. There was a large amount of social media activity around the meeting’s #PASCongress hashtag and MDS considers this Social Media Ambassador Program a great success. If you are interested in volunteering for becoming an Ambassador at the International Congress in Hong Kong, please email us. In addition, please don’t miss our frequent updates on the Hong Kong Congress by visiting the International Congress website or following us on Twitter and Facebook.

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