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September/October 2019 Website Edition

Farewell Message from Dr. Susan Fox
Website Co-Editor 2013-2019

September 2019

Dear colleagues and friends,

I will be ending my term as website co-editor at the Nice Congress, September 2019. It has been a great pleasure to work with many wonderful, enthusiastic and creative colleagues, initially Marcelo Merello and Hubert Fernandez who did an amazing job setting up the website; the current co-editors, Brandon Barton and Santiago Perez-Lloret and the whole website editorial board. I particularly want to thank Heidi Friedrichs, the Website Manager without who this would not have been possible – for her amazing help and dedication to the website and to MDS.

The MDS website has evolved over 10 years into the current format with new layouts and many new features. It continues to expand and I look forward to seeing the future offerings.

Susan Fox, MRCP (UK), PhD
University of Toronto, Toronto Western Hospital
Toronto, ON, Canada



Susan Fox, MRCP(UK), PhD     Brandon Barton     Santiago Perez-Lloret

From your Website Editorial Team: Susan Fox, MRCP (UK), PhD; Brandon Barton, MD; and Santiago Perez-Lloret, MD, PhD

September/October 2019 Website Edition

Welcome to the September/October 2019 website edition! In this edition, the Society has several new initiatives and features to share with members.

  • Website Redesign: The Society's new and improved home page and other main pages feature easier navigation, larger and more appealing images, and reorganized content - all to make your visits here enjoyable and productive.
  • E-Learning & CME: This new portal has been redesigned to make it easier for MDS members to search for and take educational courses online. Learn more.

  • Get Involved: MDS prides itself in having a strong foundation of dedicated volunteers who serve on Committees, Task Forces, Special Interest Groups and Study Groups. Each of these groups serves a special purpose in the Society. Learn more about each group, and how to become a member here.

  • MDSGene: The Movement Disorder Society Genetic mutation database (MDSGene) aims to provide a comprehensive, systematic overview of published data on movement disorder patients reported to carry causative gene mutations. MDSGene currently contains data on over 1000 different mutations in over 6000 movement disorder patients extracted from over 1000 publications. Read more

  • MDS-ES Summit: Now accepting applications for abstracts and travel grants. The Summit, which takes place in Venice, Italy, in March 2020, brings together neurologists, movement disorder specialists, health professionals, residents, students to discuss and celebrate therapeutic milestones in the treatment of Parkinson's disease.

  • MDS Podcast: Listen to discussions about the latest research in the field of Movement Disorders, or download from iTunes, Stitcher, or Google Play. This ongoing initiative is contributed by Sara Schaefer, MD, and Michele Matarazzo, MD, of the MDS Young Members Group. 
  • MDS Blog: Don’t miss the latest post, Normal Pressure Hydrocephalus. The MDS Blog is a collaboration of the Scientific Issues Committee members.
  • Movement Inquisitive Case 11: A Young Girl Presents With a History of Difficulty Walking (Members Only).
  • Movement Disorders Specialist Directory: This free global directory provides access to Movement Disorder health care professionals throughout the world. Specialists listed in this finder are members of the International Parkinson and Movement Disorder Society.

Connect with MDS on social mediaLove social media?  MDS is looking for ambassadors to document activities and meetings of the Society. Social Media Ambassadors will be responsible for helping to promote the MDS Regional or International Congress prior to the meeting, as well as helping generate interest and engagement onsite. While the tasks requested can be done remotely, there will be an opportunity to meet one another onsite.

Don’t let this amazing opportunity pass you by! Learn more