Policy on Submitted Materials for MDS Website

The Society welcomes suitable submissions to the MDS website from external organizations/individuals. The content must be relevant to the field of Movement Disorders. This may include:

Disease/patient foundations/charities in the field of Movement Disorders and patient/physician educational material from non-profit organizations. MDS may accept material that is paid/sponsored by for-profit organizations on the understanding that the content is used for unrestricted educational purposes. 

All submissions should be made via the MDS website and will be reviewed for content and suitability. The final decision for posting will be made by the MDS Website Editors.

To submit content or suggestions for links, please download and complete this form and email it to the website manager at hfriedrichs@movementdisorders.org.

*MDS Members Only: If this is a new initiative on behalf of a task force, committee, or other Society group, please work with your MDS Staff Liaison for approval by MDS Leadership (if necessary) before submitting.