Basic Movement Disorders Course, Chengdu, China

November 2, 2013

A one-day teaching course on movement disorders was held in Chengdu, China on 2 November, 2013, under the auspices of West China School of Medicine & West China Hospital of Sichuan University as well as the International Parkinson and Movement Disorder Society– Asian and Oceanian Section (MDS-AOS). This event used the MDS Parkinson and Movement Disorders (PMD) Course slide sets and focused on improving participants’ knowledge and skills in Movement Disorders. This course was coordinated by Prof. HuiFang Shang (course director), and supported by the MDS under the Developing World Education Program (DWEP).

Three hundred and six physicians, including neurologists, general physicians, nurses and students from various postgraduate programs from many provinces of China registered for this full-day course. This course covered the main issues in movement disorders faced by medical doctors in their daily clinical practice.

The faculty consisted of: Prof. JeanMarc Burgunder (Bern University, Switzerland), Prof. Louis CS Tan (National Neuroscience Institute, Singapore), Prof. Shengdi Chen and Prof. Qin Xiao (Ruijin Hospital of Shanghai Jiaotong University School of Medicine, China), Prof. HuiFang Shang (West China Hospital of Sichuan University, China) and Prof. BaoRong Zhang (The Second Affiliation Hospital Zhejiang University School of Medicine, China).

The opening session included words of welcome from Dr. JingQiu Cheng, vice president of West China School of Medicine & West China Hospital of Sichuan University, and from Prof. Shengdi Chen as president of the MDS in China.

From left: Prof. Qin Xiao, Prof. Shengdi Chen, Prof. JeanMarc Burgunder, Prof. HuiFang Shang, Prof. Louis CS Tan, Prof. BaoRong Zhang.

Most participants were highly interested in the course program, which included:

  • Phenomenology of movement disorders
  • Psychogenic Movement Disorders (Prof. Burgunder JeanMarc)
  • Diagnosis and Differential Diagnosis of Parkinson's disease
  • Management of Parkinson's disease (Prof. Shengdi Chen)
  • Myoclonus
  • Tics and Tourette syndrome (Prof. Louis CS Tan)
  • Diagnosis and management of tremor  (Prof. BaoRong Zhang)
  • Dystonia, Choreo-athetosis and ballism (Prof. HuiFang Shang)
  • Drug-induced Movement Disorders (Prof. Qin Xiao)

    Four question-and–answer periods and a section of video case presentations and case discussions showing several interesting video cases of patients with typical movement disorders were particularly appreciated by the audience. The learning experience was greatly appreciated by the attendees. The evaluations were very positive and most of the attendees hope to run similar courses in the future. The organizers would like to sincerely thank the speakers for their time and effort, MDS and the MDS Secretariat (Megan Daniels) for their fantastic support.