Course Report: Second Movement Learning Camp

August 2014

Roxas City, Philippines

Contributed by Course Directors – Roland Dominic Jamora and Cid Diesta

Front row: Dr. Jose Aguilar, Dr. Anne Young, Ms. Geraldine Acuna, Dr. Lillian Lee, and Dr. Cid Diesta. Back row: Dr. Edwin Munoz, Dr. Claro Ison, Dr. Paul Pasco, Dr. Eva dela Paz, Dr. Raymond Rosales, Dr. Dominic Jamora, Dr. Anthony Piano, Dr. Criscely Go, Dr. Arlene Ng, Dr. Donna Buhat, and Dr. Rip PalacioThe Second Movement Learning Camp took place on April 24-25, 2014 in Kapiz Mansions, Roxas City, Philippines. The course was organized by the Movement Disorder Society of the Philippines (MDSP) and was supported by the International Parkinson and Movement Disorder Society - Asian & Oceanian Section (MDS-AOS). The location of the course was especially relevant as Roxas City is on Panay Island, where sex-linked dystonia parkinsonism (XDP) was first described.  

The course was attended by 171 physicians, allied medical professionals and neurologists-in-training from Panay Island and Manila. This two half-day course introduced the attendees to selected topics on movement disorders as well as botulinum toxin therapy.

Dr. Cid Diesta and Dr. Dominic Jamora served as course directors. International faculty members included Dr. Anne Young (USA) and Dr. Nutan Sharma (USA). During the session on Huntington’s disease, Dr. Young shared her experience working in Venezuela. Dr. Sharma provided an update on dystonia. Ms. Geraldine Acuna, who is based in the USA but has roots in Roxas City, provided the welcome remarks. Dr. Raymond Rosales (Manila), Dr. Cid Diesta (Makati City) and Dr. Rafael Palacio (Batangas) also delivered lectures on the first day (Phenomenology of Movement Disorders, Parkinson’s disease and PD Mimics, respectively).

Being in Roxas City, a panel discussion was held on XDP. Dr. Lillian Lee (Quezon City) discussed the phenomenology of XDP. The genetics, neuroimaging, and neuropathological findings were discussed by Dr. Eva Cutiongco-de la Paz (Manila), Dr. Claro Ison (San Juan City) and Dr. Edwin Muñoz (Manila), respectively. Dr. Dominic Jamora (Manila) then discussed the medical treatment of XDP followed by Dr. Jose Aguilar (San Juan City) who provided a lecture on the surgical treatment of XDP.

On the second day, a botulinum toxin workshop was organized by Dr. Anthony Piano (Las Pinas City). Fifty-three participants were in attendance. Dr. Sharma provided a lecture on the basic pharmacology of botulinum toxin. A lecture on indications, dosing and dilution was given by Dr. Rosales while injection techniques was discussed by Dr. Criscely Go (Manila). This was followed by a live demonstration facilitated by Dr. Rosales and Dr. Sharma. Dr. Jamora, Dr. Diesta, Dr. Teleg, Dr. Palacio and Dr. Piano also assisted with the demonstrations. The participants were then given the opportunity to perform the injections themselves on select XDP patients. Different targets, including cervical dystonia, limb dystonia, blepharospasm and jaw dystonia, were highlighted. EMG-guidance was also demonstrated in select cases.

Participant feedback has been extremely positive. The course organizers would like to thank MDS-AOS, MDSP and other organizers and supporters for their efforts.


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