Letter from Past Chair Robin Wu 2013

September 2013

Dear Colleagues,

Ruey Meei WuFor two years, it has been my great honor to serve as the chair of The International Parkinson and Movement Disorder Society - Asian and Oceanian Section (MDS-AOS). Now I’m filled with gratitude to all of you for your solid support and help during my 2011-2013 tenure.

I was privileged to lead the section and work closely with other members who have assisted in the promotion of the MDS-AOS. I would attribute our significant growth and success to our Secretary Dr. Victor Fung, Treasurer Dr. Eng-King Tan, and all the Executive Committee members. I also want to share my appreciation for AOS Education Chair Prof. Ryosuke Takahashiand Co-Chair Prof. Madhuri Behari, who have devoted exceptional efforts in reviewing and organizing educational programs to foster MDS education in our regions. I would like to particularly thank Dr. Victor Fung and Dr. Roongroj Bhidayasiri for their time and work on the editing of the AOS E-newsletter which provides updated information of regional activities and reports of the educational programming successfully held in AOS.

Additionally, I’d like to thank Dr. Louis Tan, the incumbent chair, who has contributed to the formation and education of MDS-AOS since its inception. The MDS-AOS has recorded some clear achievements in education, which helped participants gain further expertise in movement disorders. A number of educational programs have been held in past 2 years, including Ambassador Programs in Colombo, Sri Lanka; Visiting Professor Programs in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia; Developing World Education Programs in Mandalay, Myanmar, Vadodara, Jaipur and New Delhi, India, and in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Additionally, the AOS had its first MDS Live Educational Course in Manila, Philippines.

The upcoming AOS educational activities in planning in 2013 are Developing World Education Programs in Tagaytay, Philippines, Chengdu, China, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam and Penang, Malaysia. For developed countries, a course entitled “AOS Basic Science Summer School” will take place in Taipei, Taiwan for a 3-day course from May 16 (Fri) through 18 (Sun), 2014 to advance the translational science research of movement disorders for young neurologists and researchers in the Asian Oceanian region. We also look forward to a successful 4th AOPMC meeting in Bangkok, Thailand in Nov 2014.

Another exciting educational opportunity is the AOS Training Fellowship Program, which was launched in 2011 to enable education, training and experience in movement disorders across the region and foster long term links between medical training and research sites within the AOS. There were three recipients of the AOS Training Fellowship, Dr. Tai Ngoc Tran from Ho Chi Minh City (2012), and Dr. Helen Chiang from Taipei and Dr. Asha Prerna from Singapore (2013).

I am happy to inform you, as of May 2013, the membership of the MDS-AOS has been boosted to 1,137 from 458 in May 2011. The number of affiliated societies to AOS has also been increased from five to eight during the same period. In addition to existing affiliated societies, new affiliated ones are Malaysian Movement Disorders Council, Taiwan Movement Disorder Society, and Thai Parkinson Disease-Movement Disorders Society. The many educational programs as well as the affiliation of the regional societies have had a positive effect on the increased number of AOS members.

The AOS Officers of 2015-2017 were successfully elected at the 2013 AOS General Assembly in Sydney in June 2013. Here I would extend my congratulations to Nobutaka Hattori, Chair-Elect, Raymond Rosales,Secretary-Elect, and Carolyn Sue, Treasurer-Elect and other new Executive committee members.

I must emphasize the generous and effective support of the administrative staff, in particular Megan Daniels, Danielle McLean, Pam Fierst, Kate Breckenridge and Anne McGhiey. They would often have to be up at odd hours in order to organize the teleconferences from Milwaukee to the AOS regions. I sincerely thank them for their time and efforts in supporting the AOS.

Two years ago I was elected Chair to the executive committee of MDS-AOS after past chairman Bhim Singhal. It was a wonderful experience for me in my career as a movement disorder specialist. Thanks for the warm friendship from all of you. And I believe, under the leadership of Chair Louis Tan and his staff, the MDS-AOS will continue to maximize the benefits of all patients and doctors in the region.

Best regards,

Ruey-Meei Wu, Robin


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