Call for Hosts: MDS-ES Schools for Young Neurologists 2017-2019

The Winter School Class of 2015 gathers in Tel Aviv, Israel.

The MDS-ES Education Committee is currently accepting applications to serve as a host for upcoming MDS-ES Schools for Young Neurologists for 2017-2019.

The European Section presents two annual schools for young neurologists, a Winter School typically held in February, and a Summer School, typically held in July. Due to the highly interactive nature of the School programs, a number of important criteria need to be met by potential host centers. Schools for Young Neurologists are three days in duration and include lectures, clinical examination rounds, and video presentations. Evening events are held on the first two evenings – an educational video dinner and a social dinner.

Host Requirements

Application Instructions

To apply to host an upcoming School for Young Neurologists, please submit a letter of intent to the MDS International Secretariat at before December 1, 2015.

The letter of intent should address the host requirements and include the following information:

1. Host name(s) and contact information
2. Institution name, city, and country
3. Brief description of available facilities: Description of clinical space, lecture space, and catering/coffee break space. Also include whether all program space (clinical examination and lecture room) is located in the same building or in different buildings.
4. Additional information about host institution and/or city which may be pertinent to site selection.
5. Whether you would be able to host a Winter School, a Summer School, or either; and which year(s) your institution could potentially host (2017-2019).