Publications Oversight Committee


Francisco Cardoso

David John Burn

MDS Staff Liaisons: Jennie Socha, Erin Weileder

Committee Purpose
The purpose and primary responsibilities of the Journal Oversight Committee are to:

  • Oversee the activities of the journals, the newsletter and website
  • Participate in negotiations with the publisher on behalf of the Society
  • Make recommendations on journals, newsletter and website policy
  • Make recommendations on financial support of the editors of the journals, newsletter and website
  • Monitor reader satisfaction with the journals, newsletter and website
  • Monitor satisfaction of authors submitting manuscripts
  • Monitor annual editor conflict of interest statements
  • Evaluate the performance of the editors of the journals, newsletter and website


Committee Members
Jee-Young Lee
Timothy Lynch
Sarah Pirio Richardson
Klaus Seppi
Yoshikazu Ugawa

Ad Hoc Members

Brandon Barton – Website Editor
Kailash Bhatia – MDCP Co-Editor
Carlo Colosimo – Moving Along Editor
Susan Fox – Website Co-Editor
Marcelo Marello – MDCP Co-Editor
José Obeso – MDJ Editor
Santiago Perez Lloret – Website Co-Editor
Mark Stacy – Moving Along Editor