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Upcoming Courses

Prague, Czech Republic

MDS-ES Summer School for Young Neurologists - Prague

September 4-6, 2015
Prague, Czech Republic

São Paolo, Brazil

Allied Health Team Training for Parkinson's Disease

September 10-12, 2015
São Paulo, Brazil

Mexico City, Mexico

MDS-PAS School for Young Neurologists

November 26-28, 2015
Mexico City, Mexico

Outreach Education

The following programs are available only for host countries that are considered to be disadvantaged based on the need for movement disorders education and lack of opportunities for continuing education in movement disorders. Learn More

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Developing World Education Program

Developing World Education Program (DWEP)

MDS is committed to supporting quality movement disorders education in underserved areas.

Visiting Professor Program

Visiting Professor Program

The Visiting Professor Program supports travel to underserved areas for education and academic exchange.

Ambassador Program

Ambassador Program

The Ambassador Program supports travel to underserved areas for education and scientific exchange.

Parkinson and Movement Disorders Curriculum

The Parkinson and Movement Disorders (PMD) Curriculum uses slide sets, videos, and syllabi to provide an overview of movement disorders and outline a clinical approach to the evaluation and management of common movement disorders.

  • Basal ganglia anatomy and physiology
  • Phenomenology of Movement Disorders
  • Etiology and pathogenesis of Parkinson's disease
  • Diagnosis and differential diagnosis of Parkinson's disease
  • Management of early Parkinson's disease
  • Management of Advanced Parkinson's disease
  • Tremor
  • Dystonias
  • Chorea, athetosis and ballism
  • Myoclonus
  • Gait disorders
  • Restless legs syndrome and movement disorders in sleep
  • Management of MSA, PSP, and CBGD
  • Tics and Tourette Syndrome
  • Drug-Induced Parkinsonism (DIP)
  • Psychogenic Movement Disorders

Apply now for more information about using a PMD topic with MDS Outreach Education Courses!
It is possible to use the PMD in conjunction with an approved Visiting Professor Program, Ambassador Program or Developing World Education Course. For more information on these programs please visit the MDS Outreach Education homepage.

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E-Learning & CME

Coffee Break CME

Coffee Break CME

The first online CME program designed for the busy clinician.

Journal CME

Journal CME

MDS offers online CME credit in collaboration with the Movement Disorders Journal.

Device-Aided Medical Therapies for Parkinson's Disease

A new online CME course designed by worldwide specialists around practical issues involved in therapeutic treatments for Parkinson’s disease.

MDS Webcasts

MDS provides webcasts of educational programs held throughout the US and the world.

MDS LEAP Program

The MDS LEAP Program has been established to provide a leadership training program to support the growth, development and success of young movement disorder specialists.

Learn more

Course Development

Help support the MDS educational program by developing your own course.

Learn more

Rating Scales

Our scales are designed to assist clinicians measure disease severity and activity.

Learn More