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Welcome from the Chair

Pan American Section

Francisco Cardoso, MD, PhD, FAAN
Professor of Neurology
The Federal University of Minas Gerais
Belo Horizonte, Brazil


Dear Colleagues,

With this mid-year report, I would like to tell you about the productive activities of the MDS-PAS.

MDS-PAS Congress

The MDS-PAS Congress Scientific Program Committee (CSPC) met in Miami, Florida in May and enthusiastically worked together to develop a scientific program. With topic suggestions submitted by the MDS-PAS membership, that were of high quality and relevant to the members of the MDS Pan American Section, the program was created. The regional Congress theme is “Movement Disorders in the Americas: State of the Art.”

Our goal is to help cultivate a culture of the Section and to provide an excellent educational activity. We highly encourage you to join us for this first time experience in Miami, Florida, USA, February 24-26, 2017.

MDS-PAS Strategic Planning Meeting

We embarked on the first MDS-PAS Strategic Planning meeting held in Vancouver, BC, Canada, on April 14, 2016. Fourteen MDS-PAS members, representative of the MDS Pan American Section, spent one full day discussing and establishing the priorities, initiatives, and objectives for the section for the next four years, which are in line with the overall MDS strategic plan.

Summary of Goals:

  • Increase partnership between North America and Latin America
  • Develop a leadership program for Latin America
  • Develop a collaborative study group for our region (prevalent diseases, genetics, rare diseases and work with junior faculty/residents to peak interest in the Movement Disorders field)
  • Promote networking opportunities at MDS-PAS Congress
  • Provide Latin America with USA data resources for research
  • Promote and advocate effective healthcare delivery for patients and track this information for study
  • Continue to develop thoughtful movement disorder education that will lead to increase knowledge and skills/management that will lead to better patient care
  • Engage industry to glean information on what types of medications are available in different countries, what are the patient‘s needs, and how MDS can assist
  • Engage patient advocacy groups to gain more information on needs and how we can assist

The next steps are to plan and implement the initiatives over the next four years. We will keep you informed on the progress.

Outreach Programs

Through the MDS-PAS Ambassador Program, Dr. Daniel Martinez Ramirez from the University of University of Florida, USA, delivered lectures on Progressive Supranuclear Palsy, Unusual Movement Disorders and DBS for patients with Parkinson Disease: benefits and precautions. The program was hosted by Dr. Guillermo Enriquez Coronel in Puebla, México on April 28-30, 2016 during the 10th Course on Movement Disorders in Puebla. More than 200 participants attended the program, which was very well received.

Another MDS-PAS Ambassador Program took place in Toluca, México on June 9, 2016. Prof. Francisco Cardoso, from Belo Horizonte Brazil, lectured on Evaluation of the Patient with Movement Disorders in the Emergency Room and Dystonias. Dr. Pedro Chana-Cuevas, from Santiago, Chile, presented talks on Choreas Parkinson's Disease, and the Diagnosis and Treatment in 2º Level of Attention. The Movement Disorders Regional Symposia was hosted by Dr. Oscar Gonzalez Vargas with more than 100 participants and was a success.

New MDS Affiliate Society Member

We are very pleased to announce that The Central American Movement Disorders Work Group has been approved as an MDS Affiliate Society member. This group will move forward with their efforts to unify neurologists and increase movement disorder education with the goal of increasing movement disorder specialists in Central America. Dr. Jorge Juncos and Dr. Ricardo López-Contreras were integral in connecting Central American neurologists to form this group. Their next meeting will take place in Costa Rica in October of 2016.

The Central American Movement Disorders Work Group Members include: Dr. Ricardo López-Contreras (El Salvador), Dr. Jorge L. Juncos (USA, Ex officio representative of the MDS-PAS Executive Committee), Dr. Ernesto Cornejo-Valse (El Salvador), Dr. Ariel Ramírez-Milla (Guatemala), Dr. Romy Castro de Escobar (El Salvador), Dr. Fernando Gracia (Panamá), Dr. Norbel Román-Garita (Costa Rica), Dr. Walter Samuel Díaz-Neira (Nicaragua) and Dr. Harlis Josué Estrada (Honduras).

Thank you to everyone involved in making our section activities diverse, vibrant and relevant to our field as we continue to serve our patients in Pan America.

All my best wishes,

Francisco Cardoso, MD, PhD, FAAN
Chair, MDS-PAS

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