Pan American Section

Welcome from the Chair

Francisco Cardoso, MD, PhD, FAAN
Professor of Neurology
The Federal University of Minas Gerais
Belo Horizonte, Brazil


I am pleased to write to you as Chair of the MDS Pan-American Section (MDS-PAS) of our Society. My first words are of acknowledgement of the wonderful job done by the outgoing MDS-PAS Officers: Jorge Juncos, Kathleen Shannon and Victor Tumas as well as the former chair of the MDS-PAS Education Committee, Irene Litvan. During the past two years they faced the daunting task of organizing the youngest but largest section of MDS.

The large number of educational activities held in the American Continent during the past months is a measure of the success of MDS-PAS. In fact, during the past 12 months, there were seven courses in Latin America and five courses in North America. Some of the highlights were the first School for Young Neurologists in North America, held at Emory Medical School in Atlanta, GA, USA, in February 2015 under the direction of Stuart Factor, MD, Kapil Sethi, MD and, David Standaert, MD with Stanley Fahn, MD as the keynote speaker. The 44 participants, mostly from the United States, but also from Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Cuba and Mexico, were very enthusiastic in their assessment of the School.

In San Diego, CA, USA, on November 13-15, 2014, Dr. Litvan organized a multi-disciplinary course on the care of people with Parkinson’s disease. This was a joint collaboration of our Society and the National Parkinson Foundation that attracted 70 participants. As a matter of fact, this course was so successful that there are plans to replicate it in other regions of the Section.

In March of 2015, an enthusiastic group of 51 participants from Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Peru and the Dominican Republic attended the well-established course of Evidence Based Treatment of Parkinson’s disease in Salvador de Bahia, Brazil.

Dr. Emilia Gatto organized a course of translational neuroscience in basal ganglia, MDS-Latin American Update on Movement Disorders and Neurodegeneration: From the Bench to the Bedside in Buenos Aires, Argentina March 4-6, 2015. Among the several courses to take place in the near future, I draw your attention to the Allied Health Team Training for Parkinson’s Disease, a collaboration between MDS and the Edmond J. Safra Philanthropic Foundation. This activity will take place at the University of São Paulo’s Medical School, Brazil, September 10-12, 2015.

In Houston, TX, USA, October 17, 2015 a team of experienced movement disorders experts will provide a one day course for generalists, Parkinson’s Disease and Other Movement Disorders: A Practical Approach. There will also be a new edition of the School for Young Neurologists, this time in Mexico City from November 26-28, 2015. Further details of the educational activities of MDS-PAS can be found on the MDS-PAS section of this website.

To conclude this first message to you, I would like to say that I am very excited over chairing MDS-PAS along with my fellow Officers; the Secretary, Emilia Gatto MD (Buenos Aires, Argentina) and the Treasurer, Dr Janis Miyasaki, MD, Med, FRCPC (Alberta, Canada). The main goals of my term will be to expand the offer of educational activities; to bring even closer the poles of the MDS-PAS - Latin America and North America; and to enhance collaboration with the American Academy of Neurology.

My warmest regards to all of you,

Francisco Cardoso, MD, PhD, FAAN
Chair, MDS-PAS