MDS-PAS Visiting Trainee Grant Program

Application submission deadline: July 31, 2016.

Applications are reviewed in August 2016 with notifications e-mailed in September 2016.


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The International Parkinson and Movement Disorder Society-Pan American Section (MDS-PAS) Visiting Trainee Grant offers two types of Visiting Trainee Grants - a Clinical program and a Research program:

  • The Clinical Visiting Trainee Grant focuses on applicants who wish to increase their knowledge in movement disorders, advance their recognition of patterns of movement disorders, improve their diagnoses and management of movement disorders patients, and with the goal to bring these clinical skills back to their home country.
  • The Research Visiting Trainee Grant focuses on applicants who wish to develop a research program, work on an existing research project, interact with other researchers and with the goal to continue research upon return to their home country.

The grant will allow a six-week, six-month or a one-year program which promotes education, training and experience in movement disorders for young neurologists.  The program focuses particularly on MDS-PAS members who do not have many opportunities for Visiting Trainee Grant training in their area and also serves to establish clinical and research links between institutions and members throughout the PAS region.

MDS-PAS Visiting Trainee Grant Host Sites

To view a listing of PAS Visiting Trainee Grant Programs available, click here. (Please note, this list is not comprehensive and applicants may apply to programs outside of this list.)

Dr. Stanley Fahn demonstrates the "pull test" on a patient while explaining it to two fellows.

Application Eligibility

Applications are open to residents, fellows and those trained in a recognized neurology training program, or recent graduates from such a program who have returned to practice in their home site within five years of completing training. Status must be certified in writing by the applicant's employer or past supervisor.

Applicants must reside in a MDS-PAS country and be members of the MDS.  To view a list of the MDS-PAS countries, visit the Pan American Section website. To find out more about MDS membership, visit the MDS Membership website.

The MDS-PAS Visiting Trainee Grant Program concentrates on applicants from Central and South America who do not have access to such grants and training in their own countries. Further, in the spirit of integration of all PAS regions, the program will also be offered to North Americans who would like to train in other parts of the PAS region, provided that they have adequate fluency in the host country language. 

Applicants must plan to participate in a Fellowship program outside of their country. Applicants from the United States or Canada may not apply for a grant in the United States or Canada.

Application Requirements

(Applicants who have been awarded a Visiting Trainee Grant in the past are ineligible to apply for another grant.)

  • General neurology training in a recognized training center
  • Letter of recommendation from current supervisor or department chair
  • Detailed outline with aims of the proposed study in host facility
  • Letter of acceptance from host institution/sponsor
  • Submission of application form (found below) within specified dates

Please note that fellows will be responsible for providing their own medical insurance.

Selection Process

Only complete applications received by the application deadline will be considered. Applications will be reviewed by both the PAS Education Committee and the PAS Executive Committee within three weeks after the application closing deadline. Preference will be given to candidates with the strongest qualifications and need in accordance with the guidelines outlined above. The number of Visiting Trainee Grants awarded will depend on the available budget for a given year.

Terms and Awards

Applicants can apply for a Visiting Trainee Grant of six weeks, six months or one year duration according to their individual goals, the host program, and available funding. The award amounts for each fellowship are $3,300, $6,600, and $13,200 respectively. The Visiting Trainee Grant training must begin within six months of acceptance.