Task Force on the Definition of Parkinson's Disease

Daniela Berg Ron Postuma
Daniela Berg
 Ron B. Postuma


MDS Staff Liaison: Shazia Ali

Task Force Purpose

The overall goal of the Task Force is to provide scientists and neurologists with criteria that are in line with the current understanding of the process of neurodegeneration, onset of symptoms and differing pheno- and genotypes.

Task Force Members

Bastian R. Bloem
Piu Bill Chan
Günther Deuschl
Bruno Dubois
Thomas Gasser
Christopher G. Goetz

Glenda M. Halliday
John A. Hardy
Anthony E. Lang
Irene Litvan
Kenneth Marek
Jose A. Obeso

Wolfgang H. Oertel
C. Warren Olanow
Werner Poewe
Matthew B. Stern