MDS Study Groups

The Study Groups are developing international collaborative research in the field of Movement Disorders whenever this is meaningful. The duration of the Study Group is unlimited in time but there will be an annual report on the progress and next steps of the Study Group.

Meeting of the MDS-endorsed PSP Study Group at the 17th International Congress in June 2013 in Sydney, Australia. (Clockwise, left to right): Irene Litvan, David Williams, Gregor Wenning, Huw Morris, Georg Nubling, Stefan  Lorenzl, Wolfgang Oertel, Günter Höglinger, Maria Stamelou, John Steele, John Leigh, Adam Boxer, and Dominic Paviour.If there are collaborations in an area where clinical studies for etiology, diagnosis and/or treatment or collaborative basic science research is needed, members of the Society can apply for the status of an MDS Study Group for specific research questions.

Study Groups and their chairpersons are appointed by the Officers and the president. Members of Study Groups are appointed by the chairpersons and the president. New members are continuously included or retired when necessary.

Benefits for Study Groups

  • Official recognition by the International Parkinson and Movement Disorder Society
  • Receiving a letter of support and recommendation by the MDS President
  • Financial support for telephone conferences
  • Meeting space during the annual MDS Congress

Duties and responsibilities of Study Groups

  • Defining the needs in a specific area of research
  • Developing a scientific task on a long-term basis
  • Reporting annually on the progress and next steps
  • Scientific results should be submitted to the Movement Disorders Journal

    Note: To the extent possible, Study Group Chairs will assign copyright in rating scales to MDS, which may license rights for use by others.

Study groups can be approved if:

  • The topic of the study is of major interest for the field of Movement Disorders
  • The membership is open to world-wide participation and should include the major researchers in the field
  • The members of the Study Group are MDS members (exclusions from this rule are possible on special request)

Application process

  • Submission of the project, its objectives and aims (timelines and deliverables)
  • List of participants