MDS-ES Visiting Trainee Grant Program

Thank you for your interest in the MDS-ES Visiting Trainee Grant Program.
Application submission for 2016 grants is now closed.

Applicants will be informed in the next weeks of their application status.

MDS-ES will award grants to successful applicants to visit and study at a European Movement Disorders Center.  The grant amounts are:

  • 3-month duration: 3,000 Euro
  • 6-month duration: 6,000 Euro
  • 12-month duration: 12,000 Euro

The purpose of this award is to offset accommodation and living expenses during program training.*

*Plus travel expenses up to 400 Euro, based on actual receipts.


Candidates from the following countries are eligible to apply:

Europe: Albania, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Georgia, Kosovo, Latvia, Lithuania, Macedonia, Moldova, Montenegro, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Turkey, Ukraine
Africa: Algeria, Egypt, Libya, Morocco, Tunisia

In addition, applicants must be:

  • Under the age of 40, or less than five years from the award of final medical qualification
  • Board Certified Neurologists or in training for board certification
  • Fluent in English or in the local language of the country to be visited
  • First time award of MDS training grant; awardees from previous years are not eligible to reapply

Priority will be given to applicants who wish to specialize in Movement Disorders, or who wish to increase knowledge of Movement Disorders but will remain in general practice.  Membership of MDS is desirable but not essential; MDS-ES Visiting Trainee Grant recipients who are not already members will receive a complimentary one year membership and information about the waived dues program.

The applicant should nominate a host institution and is responsible for facilitating their acceptance with this institution.  The traineeship must take place within the following calendar year (for example, applicants in 2015 must begin their fellowship in 2016).  It is the responsibility of the applicant to:

  • verify that he or she is eligible to enter the nominated country in order to take up the training
  • provide all necessary documentation to the host institution in order that honorary or observer contracts can be issued prior to the training. 

Note: MDS-ES cannot assist with visa applications.


Application submission for 2016 grants is now closed.

You must upload all completed and signed forms with this application for it to be final.  Incomplete applications will not be eligible for consideration of funding. (E-mail forms to:

The forms for this application are linked below and include:

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