Task Force on Genetic Nomenclature in Movement Disorders

Christine Klein          Connie Marras
Christine Klein      Connie Marras
Chair                           Co-Chair

Staff Liaison: Megan Campbell

Task Force Purpose
The purpose of this task force is to provide recommendations for revising the current nomenclature for genetically determined movement disorders in order to resolve or minimize problems that are sources of confusion and perpetuate misinformation.

Task Force Members

Anthony Lang
Katja Lohmann
Carolyn Sue
Vladimir Kostic

Lars Bertram
Tom Warner
Bart Van de Warrenburg


The Task Force on Genetic Nomenclature in Movement Disorders has produced recommendations for revising the numerical naming system of these conditions (e.g. DYT1, PARK1 etc). We have written a manuscript detailing our recommendations as applied to dystonia, parkinsonism, chorea, dominantly inherited ataxia, HSP, basal ganglia calcification and paroxysmal movement disorders. We are seeking feedback on these recommendations; your feedback will be important in shaping the recommendations. To submit feedback, please click on the survey below.

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Feedback Survey

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