Pan American Section


Jorge Juncos, MD
Associate Professor of Neurology, Emory University, Atlanta, GA, USA
MDS Pan American Section Past Chair


May 2015

Jorge JuncosMore than an update, this is my ‘hasta pronto’ letter as Chair of the Pan American Section of the International Parkinson and Movement Disorder Society.

I look forward to serving the Society again in the future as it has been a privilege to have served as the “birth assistant” to this, the newest section of MDS. I am grateful to the members of the Executive Committees and the Election Committee for their selfless work at helping the MDS-PAS grow and help raise the educational bar for its members through the excellent and expanded educational opportunities we have supported in the last five years.

For these education programs we are particularly grateful to the MDS-PAS Education Committee and to its Chair, Dr. Irene Litvan who have done a yeoman’s job encouraging, evaluating and helping to improve the courses offered by the MDS-PAS. On behalf of the MDS-PAS, I would also like to recognize the Society’s secretariat staff and Officers for their unyielding support. Without them this work would not have been possible. Our special gratitude goes to Ms. Nilda Toro, and to the direction provided by the Executive Director Ms. Anne McGhiey.

The MDS Officers are impressed with the progress this youngest section has made to catch up with the more established sections. We are the largest section with a very significant growth since its inception five years ago, with much of its growth coming from outside of the United States and Canada. Special kudos to Dr. Tony Lang, whose vision put the spark in the MDS-PAS; and to Drs. Deuschl, Stern and Gershanik, whose guidance and support as Chairs and Chairs-Elect of MDS have helped steer this very large ship through the occasional turbulence.

Finally, we are pleased that the leadership of the MDS-PAS will remain in good hands. At the next International Congress in San Diego, Prof. Francisco Cardoso, a long-time member of the International Executive Committee, will be in position to continue to guide the MDS-PAS as the new Chair.


Jorge Juncos, MD
Past Chair, MDS-PAS