EBM Reviews and Task Force Position Papers

Prof. Cristina Sampaio discusses the Society's initiatives
surrounding Evidence Based Medicine.

Evidence-Based Medicine Reviews
An update on treatments for the motor and non-motor symptoms of Parkinson’s disease is now available for viewing. The committee has updated the recommendations that were published in October 2011.

New studies have been reviewed up to December 2013. The EBM conclusions for efficacy, safety and implications for clinical practice for each new drug are provided in a table format. The links to relevant new publications and a brief summary are provided.

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Task Force Papers: Rating Scales and Critiques
Read critiques and recommendations of rating scales for anxiety, dyskinesia, depression, psychosis, and more here.
Diagnosis and Diagnostic Criteria
Read papers related to dementia, inherited movement disorders and Parkinsonism here.
Position Papers
Read position papers for Parkinson's disease and dystonia here.
MDS-Owned Rating Scales and Recommended Scales
EBM Course - Toronto, Ontario, November 2012