Stella Papa

Un Jung Kang

MDS Staff Liaison: Erin Weileder

Committee Purpose
To prepare statements on scientific and ethical issues related to Movement Disorders, as well as review those prepared by others on behalf of the Society, and analyze new and existing treatments and make recommendations regarding their role in the treatment of patients with Movement Disorders.

Read Society's statement cautioning against unproven stem cell therapies for Parkinson's disease. | En Español

Committee Members

Roy Alcalay
Lorraine Kalia
Han-Joon Kim
Praween Lolekha
Jau Shin Lou
Connie Marras
Hideki Mochizuki
Renato Puppi Munhoz
Alvaro Sanchez-Ferro
Susanne Schneider
Aparna Wagle Shukla 
Leonidas Stefanis
Enza Maria Valente