Asian and Oceanian Section

Welcome from the Chair

Asian Oceanian Section

Beomseok (BJ) Jeon, MD, PhD
Seoul National University Hospital
Seoul, South Korea

July 2017

First of all, I would like to thank our MDS members for electing me as Chair to serve the MDS-AOS for the next two years.

As Prof. Hattori showed us, our section has grown rapidly thanks to the efforts of our senior members who built a foundation to make this possible, and all the hard work that every MDS-AOS member has done over the years.

During the next two years, I would like to use the word “TOGETHER” as the motto for our Society.

Existing members are already enjoying many of the benefits of MDS membership including journals, educational materials and as a networking forum, for example.  Now we would like to share these benefits TOGETHER with those who are not yet members by encouraging them to join our Society. You may already know that MDS has expanded free membership to students, residents, and fellows, so there is no reason why they should not join our Society and become more interested in movement disorders.

We also would like to have our underrepresented areas mobilized and work TOGETHER. Prof. Bajwa is already working on the Middle East Task Force and is making great advances. China is also underrepresented given its large size, and we will hold the AOPMC 2019 in Hangzhou, thanks to our Chinese leaders.

We will work TOGETHER with other allied specialties, rehab, neurosurgery and paramedicals to share knowledge.

We will work TOGETHER with patient organizations, industry and governments so that we can provide better patient care more effectively.

I will work TOGETHER with you and would like to ask for your continued support, which will be essential in order to achieve these goals.

Thank you very much,

Beomseok (BJ) Jeon