Pan American Section

MDS-PAS ChairPan American Section

Henrique B. Ferraz, MD
Professor of Neurology
Federal University of São Paulo
São Paulo, Brazil


August 2018

Dear Colleagues,

I cannot believe that we are more than half way through our 2018 educational activities. The regional courses held so far have been successful in educating over 1,400 professionals in topics that are in line with our strategically goals. Our outreach programs hosted by MDS members, in underserved countries, have also been a great avenue in educating even more professionals in our region. We are already planning the 2019 educational offerings. Thank you to everyone for their contribution to our regional and outreach courses.    

The following is a brief report of our region’s activities:

New Regional Committee Role

The MDS-PAS Executive Committee has approved the proposal of the MDS-PAS Chairs to appoint an MDS-PAS Education Committee Co-Chair position. Over the past four years the number of courses in the Pan American region has increased by 55% and the MDS-PAS Education Committee has taken on more projects, in relation to the MDS-PAS strategic plan and continues working ongoing projects. The Co-Chair for the MDS-PAS Education Committee will share responsibilities with the MDS-PAS Education Committee Chair and assure continuity and smooth term transition. The term of Co-Chair will align with the current committee term of two years, to end at the MDS Congress. The appointment to MDS-PAS Education Committee Chair will be based on performance as Co-Chair, with the potential for a two year term as Chair. Term as Chair may be renewable for an additional two years.

We are pleased to announce that Dr. Tiago Mestre from Ottawa, ON, Canada was selected and accepted the role of co-chair. Dr. Mestre is currently a member of the MDS-PAS Education Committee. Congratulations to Dr. Mestre! 

3rd PAS Congress

We are pleased to announce that the 3rd PAS Congress will be held in Miami, FL, USA on February 14-16, 2020. As not to conflict with the AOPMC, MDS Congress and other major meetings, the PAS Congress will be held every even year, therefore the 4th PAS Congress will be held in 2022. The location of future PAS Congresses will be in discussion. We hope that you can join us in Miami in 2020.

2019 Elections

We are preparing for the 2019 elections. The MDS-PAS Nominating Committee will prepare a slate of nominees for the follow positions: Chair-Elect; Secretary-Elect; Treasurer-Elect; Five members for the MDS-Pan American Section Executive Committee. The online candidate submission from members will occur October 1 - October 31, 2018. During that time more information will be provided on eligibility.  

In May 2019, the slate of nominees will be shared with MDS-PAS membership and final voting will be held at the MDS Congress in Nice, France; September 22, 2019, during the Regional Assembly. We hope to see you in Nice.  

Our Society and Regional success is due to the dedication and commitment of our wonderful members, and for that we thank you. 


Henrique B. Ferraz, MD