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International Parkinson and Movement Disorder Society

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Want to volunteer with the Society? Engage in global research to advance the field? There are several ways to get involved with MDS if you are a member. 

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Current Openings

Groups and programs now accepting applicants:

Have a Say in the Science

Give input that shapes the future of the field. MDS groups gather member input to create guidelines for care and advance the science of movement disorders.

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Open Studies & Feedback Opportunities

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Join MDS Groups

Special Interest Groups (SIGs)

A forum for like-minded MDS members to discuss topics relevant to your areas of focus.

Groups: PediatricsBasic science | NeurosurgeryYoung membersWomen | Health professionals 

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As an MDS member, you can join at any time by updating the group affiliations in your profile. 



Permanent entities that that fulfill the clinical and scientific mission or run the business of the Society.

About Commitees

The submission cycle opens every 2 years. The next opportunity will be in 2023. 


Task Forces

Appointed by the MDS President, with support from the Officers, to complete a specific mandate.

About Task Forces

Task Forces are formed by appointment, often opening an initial call for interest.


Study Groups

Groups of MDS members that seek to collaboratively study a specific aspect of movement disorders.

About Study Groups

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Apply to MDS Programs

MDS Programs are ongoing initiatives which pursue specific objectives and deliver value to the Society. They provide oversight and guidance for the achievement of the objectives and contribute to the overall growth and development of the Society. MDS Officers approve Programs and appoint Program Leadership, who may further recommend committees or other subgroups to accomplish the goals of the Program.


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MDS Programs

LEAP Leadership Program

A leadership training program to support the growth, development and success of young movement disorder specialists.

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Joint Fellowship Program for Huntington’s Disease Training

Learn about Huntington's disease with a 6-week fellowship at a highly regarded multi-disciplinary clinic in Europe.

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Outreach Funding

Apply for funding to support local movement disorders education.

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Train the Trainer Program

Now open
Gain tools and resources to become a Trainer and lead education programs for other professionals in your region.

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Peer Review Mentoring Program

Formal, hands-on experience in the journal peer review process for early-stage professionals.

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Center to Center Training

Providing support for center development in underserved regions through collaborations with an expert mentor center.

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Visiting Trainee Grants

Funding to receive valuable movement disorders training in another country.

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Regional Programs

Each Regional Section of MDS offers its own programs and resources, which are developed to provide opportunities and address needs specific to the region. 

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African (AS)

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Asian and Oceanian (AOS)

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European (ES)

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Pan American (PAS)

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More Ways to Volunteer


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MDS Social Media Ambassador Program

Social Media Ambassadors encourage participation in MDS activities, and share ideas that advance related clinical and scientific disciplines. 

Translation Program

MDS invites members to participate in our Translation Program to develop non-English versions of Clinical Outcome Assessments.


Other MDS Leadership Groups


Program Steering Committees

Program oversight groups are convened by appointment from the Central Leadership.  


Working Groups

MDS Members can join working groups in regions of interest. 

Publication Boards

Publication boards are convened by appointment from the Central Leadership. 


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