MDS Special Interest Groups (SIG)

Special Interest Groups (SIG) are appointed by the President to serve the specific needs and interests of a subgroup of members. The tasks are to give the subgroup a forum for discussions and a voice within the Society.

The chairpersons are elected by the group and appointed by the President. The SIG has a close relation with the Officers and can use the services of the Secretariat.

All relevant activities are approved by Membership Committee and Officers, as appropriate. Activities depend on the requests of the SIG and can include:

  • Convening a meeting at the MDS International Congress
  • Representing the views of their group to MDS leadership
  • Proposal of educational topics/sessions for the MDS International Congress
  • Maintaining a presence on the MDS website for their interest area
  • Recruiting new Society members from their interest area
  • Surveying MDS members periodically to gauge their interests
  • Generating proposals for activities for their interest group