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Young Members Group

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MDS Young Members Group pose at the 20th International Congress in Berlin, Germany, June 2016.The primary aim of the MDS Young Members Group is to support and expand the network of outstanding young neurologists, basic scientists and other allied health care providers who have an interest in the field of Movement Disorders. The focus will be on advancing collaborations amongst young members and focus on educational activities and training.

Eligibility Criteria

All members of MDS who are under age 40 may join the MDS Young Members Group. Membership will be obtained by written request to the International Secretariat.

To join the Young Members Group, log into your MDS Members-Only account and select My Profile.  The Young Members option is located on the Professional tab under Special Interest Groups.


The MDS Young Members Group will be governed by the Young Members Committee. The MDS Young Members Committee will have a Chair and a Co-Chair each with two year terms. They will be responsible for all projects run by the group and will be appointed by the MDS Education Committee Chairs.

Group Activities and Projects

Create and maintain a database of MDS Young Members to foster interaction and networking amongst the MDS Young Members from all regional sections and to facilitate their active involvement in MDS activities.

  • Create and maintain an informational page within the MDS website to centralize data about educational courses, fellowships, MDS visiting trainee grants, MDS outreach education, exchange programs, bursaries, research and travel grants, congresses, and employment opportunities for young MDS members, with an emphasis in movement disorders.
  • Promote an annual face-to-face meeting at the MDS International Congress on Parkinson's Disease and Movement Disorders to discuss ongoing and future roles and projects for the group, with oversight by the MDS Education Committee Chairs.
  • Participate actively in MDS educational activities such as the Web-based Learning Modules (previously named Coffee Break CME). A member of the MDS Young Members Committee will serve as a co-director of the program and other members will be invited to publish texts and videos in its numerous modules encompassing different movement disorders.  Contact if you are interested in partipating in this activity.

Group Activities in Development

  • Create regular surveys of past MDS-Schools for Young Neurologists in order to analyze the impact that the School has had on their careers. An initial survey was conducted in 2014 and follow up survey is scheduled to be completed in 2017. Contact if you are interested in partipating in this activity.
  • Participate in the MDS Outreach Education Programs (DWEP courses, Visiting Professor Program and Ambassador Program). Members would collaborate in program initiatives, and could participate as tutors, assisting physicians and healthcare professionals in countries where movement disorders specialists are lacking. 
  • Promote the translation of educational materials in Movement Disorders to different languages.


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The International Parkinson and Movement Disorder Society (MDS) is a professional society of clinicians, scientists, and other healthcare professionals interested in the field of Movement Disorders.

The “Regular" Membership applies to clinicians, other health professionals, researchers and policymakers in the field of Movement Disorders. Residents, fellows, and professionals training in healthcare or scientific research may also apply to a “Junior Membership” at reduced fees.

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