MDS LEAP Program

LEAP Class of 2018

Thank you to all that applied for the LEAP Class of 2018. We are pleased to welcome the LEAP Class of 2018:

MDS-AOS Region

Ming-Kai Pan, MD, PhD
Pattamon Panyakaew, MD
Zheyu Xu, BA, MB BChir, MA, FRACP
Jinyoung Youn, MD, PhD

MDS-ES Region

Bettina Balint, MD
Margherita Fabbri, MD
Christos Ganos, MD
Ali Shalash, MD, PhD 

MDS-PAS Region

Lana Chahine, MS, MD
Mario Cornejo-Olivas, MD
Jorge Jesus Llibre Guerra, MD, MSc
Daniel Martinez-Ramirez, MD 

Program Objectives
  • Facilitate the personal leadership growth and effectiveness of early career movement disorders specialists
  • Enhance the leadership skills of early career movement disorders specialists through education of group leadership principles
  • Promote engagement of early career movement disorders specialists in the leadership in the MDS as well as in their own professional environment.
  • Integrate early career leaders into appropriate leadership positions within MDS 

Applications for the LEAP Class of 2019 will be accepted beginning in mid-October. 

Program Eligibility

Eligible candidates must be current members of the International Parkinson and Movement Disorder Society (MDS); be in the early stages of career development (ages 30-40), and hold an interest in developing leadership skills and applying these leadership skills to MDS service.