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International Parkinson and Movement Disorder Society


Hear directly from leaders in the field: Interviews with groundbreaking researchers, lectures from leading clinicians, physician tips for patients and more from MDS. 


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Video Case Library

Browse an archive of of more than 2,000 video cases from the MDS journals, Movement Disorders and Movement Disorders: Clinical Practice.

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"How Do I?" Video Series

From Movement Disorders Clinical Practice

Step-by-step explanations of the most common clinical procedures and questions.

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Presidential Award Lectures

MDS's prestigious Presidential Lectures invite the field’s most esteemed honorees to speak on the research and topics that have most interested them through their storied careers.  

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Ways to improve neuroprotection in Parkinson’s disease (2021)

Opening the Pandora’s box of Parkinsonism (2021)

Myoclonus is telling how our brain works (2020)

Diagnosing Parkinson’s Disease: From the Street to the Bench (2020)

Reduced penetrance of hereditary movement disorders (2019)

Leadership and mentorship: The partners of success (2019)

Dystonia or dystonias: Hybrid wonder and mystery (2018)

3D human brain organoids: Towards a better disease mode (2018)

How Saskatoon’s research has advanced Movement Disorders (2017)

Clues to disease mech from the types and patterns of cellular pathologies in the brain (2017)

From causes of selective neuronal vulnerability in PD to a phase III clinical trial (2016)

The many faces of pre-PD: Facts and mysteries (2016)

Basal ganglia and pathophysiology: Puzzles, paradoxes and clues (2015)

The enigma of action tremor in the elderly (2015)

Developing cell therapy for human neurodegenerative disease (2014)

Shakes, twists and jerks: Can we diagnose and treat them? (2014)

The signs of a neurologist (2013)

Parkinson's disease: The windmills of your mind (2013)

The edgelands of the shaking palsy (2012)

Using genetic analysis to get at the biology of Parkinson's disease (2012)

It's time to fix the broken system of genetic locus symbols: Parkinson's disease and dystonia as examples (2011)

The mitochondrial story of Parkinson's disease: From David Marsden's time up to now (2011)

The role of basal ganglia and subconsciousness (2011)

The fox, the hedgehog, MDS and the world's best-known neurologist? (2010)

The stress of misfolded proteins in aging and neurodegenerative disease (2009)

Contributions of Jean Martin Charcot in Movement Disorders (2009)

Oral Histories

The Society captures personal accounts from prominent professionals about advances in the field of Movement Disorders. 

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Clinical Clues

Veteran clinicians share the most important diagnostic tips they've learned through experience.

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Research Highlights

Learn about interesting, novel research from the annual International Congress. 

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News Features

Learn about developments across the field from the MDS quarterly newsletter, Moving Along.  

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