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International Parkinson and Movement Disorder Society

Clinical Outcome Assessment Program Committees

The COA committees oversee all aspects of the assessments program, including licensing, translation, development and training. 

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COA Program Directors 

COA Program Directors Primary Functions: Maintain relationships with other MDS Groups (Committees, Task Forces, and Study Groups), provide guidance as methodological advisors and consultants, and connect Strategic Partners. The Program Directors oversee all COA Program committees. 


Tiago Mestre, 

Alvaro Sánchez Ferro, 


Clinical Outcome Assessments committees:

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  COA Scientific Evaluation Committee

Primary Function: 
- Develop and publish systematic reviews of rating scales utilized within the Movement Disorders community  
- Review assessment/rating scale development proposals that are submitted to the Society  
- Provide guidance on the development of new clinical assessments including, but not limited to, aspects such as design issues, pilot and validation studies, integration with other assessments, and interpretation of outcomes  
- Set standards and guidelines for the development and validation methodology of assessment tools across multiple modalities 

Committee Members: 

Matej Skorvanek, Chair
Michelle H.S. Tosin, Vice-Chair 
Camila Aquino
Roongroj Bhidayasiri
Pedro Renato Brandao
Stephen Duma
Alberto Espay
Norbert Kovacs
Florian Krismer
Ioanna Markaki
Wassilios Meissner
Kigocha Okeng'o
Carmen Rodriguez Blazquez
Nirosen Vijiaratnam
Aparna Wagle Shukla

This subcommittee oversees the Prodromal Review Subcommittee

   — Prodromal Review Subcommittee

This subcommittee is a subset of the Scientific Evaluation Committe

Primary Function: Review on current rating scales, assessments and check lists for early and prodromal PD.

Matej Skorvanek, Review Coordinator
Anette Schrag, COA Scientific Evaluation Committee Liaison
Daniela Berg
Ron Postuma
Per Borghammer
Klaus Seppi
Andrea Pilotto
Lana Chahine
Kristina Kulcsarova
Alastair Noyce
Jawad Bajwa
Tiago Mestre

  Early and Prodromal PD Working Group

Primary Function: Guiding the field in developing or modifying assessments for early and prodromal PD.

Daniela Berg, Chair
Anette Schrag, Vice-Chair
Ron Postuma, Vice-Chair
Tiago Mestre
Deborah Hall
Bradley Boeve
Alvaro Sánchez Ferro
Christopher Goetz
Matej Skorvanek
Norbert Kovacs
Maria João Forjaz
Michelle H.S. Tosin
Glenn Stebbins
Pablo Martinez Martin

  COA Translation Steering Committee 

Primary Function: 
- Recommend and approve non-English translations of the MDS-owned scales MDS-UPDRS, MDS-NMS, and UDysRS 
- Assist in the development of non-English translation teams, monitor translation development and oversee all aspects of the statistical analysis at each phase of development 
- Make recommendations for best practices in the translation and validation of digital tools acquired by the Society 
- Manage use of generated rating scales data owned by MDS 

Committee members: 
Sheng Luo, Chair
Roberta Balestrino
Monica M. Kurtis
Chi-Ying (Roy) Lin
Michelle H.S. Tosin
Carmen Gasca-Salas
Christopher Goetz, Advisor

This committee oversees the Translation Review Subcommittee


   — COA Translation Review Subcommittee

This is a subcommittee of the COA Translation Steering Committee 

Primary Function: 
- Assist with the review of MDS-owned scale translations, specifically during Phase I: forward and back translation development. Provide recommendations to translation teams to ensure an accurate translation of the original scale is captured.

Committee members:
Wael Mohamed
Fabio Barbieri
Gert Geurtsen

   — COA Translation Committee

This committee is overseen by the COA Translation Steering Committee

Primary Function: 
- Develop validated translations of MDS-owned scales including the MDS-UPDRS, MDS-NMS, and UDysRS, to bring wide-spread availability of the scales to non-English speakers. 
- The committee will consist of current and past local translation team leaders and statistical experts involved with the scale translation effort.  

Committee members:
Angelo Antonini 
Arseniy Lavrov
Atsushi Takeda
Bakhtiyor Mukhammedaminov 
Bart Post
Bjorn Falkenburger
Chingiz Shashkin
Cristian G. Falup-Pecurariu
Desislava Bogdanova
Esther Cubo
Evzen Ruzicka
Filip Scheperjans
Francisco Cardoso
Genko Oyama
Guido Alves
Gulay Kenangil
Hanan Khalil
Hee Tae Kim
Igor Straka
Ivan Milanov
Jawad Bajwa
Jevgenija Guk
Jinghong Ma
Joanna Siuda
Joaquim Ferreira
Kin Ying Mok
Luc Viet Tran
M Cenk Akbostancı
Madhuri Behari
Marieke Dekker
Matej Skorvanek
Mathias Toft
Muhammad Athar Javed
Naila N. Shahbaz
Nazira Zharkinbekova
Njideka Okubadejo
Nobert Kovacs
Oleg Levin
Olivier Rascol
Oluwadamilola Ojo 
Ozge Yagcioglu Yassa
Pablo Martinez-Martin
Per Odin
Peter Hagell
Pille Taba
Priya Jagota 
Rauan Kaiyrzhanov
Richard C. Dodel
Richard Walker
Robin Wu
Roongroj Bhidayasiri
Rūta Kaladytė Lokominienė
Sevasti Bostantjopoulou
Sonia Ivanova
Tai Ngoc Tran
Tanja Stojkovic
Tanya Gurevich
Taras Voloshyn
Teus Van Laar
Thiago Cardoso Vale
Tove Henriksen
Uyen Ngoc Le Ha
Valtteri Kaasinen
Vu Thi Thanh Huyen
Yiming Liu
Yoshikuni Mizuno
Zakiyah Aldaajani
Zaruhi Tavadyan
Zoe Katsarou

  Electronic COA Committee

Primary Function: 
- Establish standards and guidelines for electronic assessment tool development in collaboration with the Scientific Evaluation Committee  
- Provide supervision and guidance for validation and implementation of electronic assessment builds  
- Advise and recommend solutions for issues related to electronic development, device, and technology use of MDS-owned assessments 

Committee members: 
Rebecca Fuller, Chair
Mariana H.G Monje, Vice-Chair
Lana Chahine
Esther Cubo Delgado
Kathy Dujardin
Arunmozhimaran Elavarasi
Conor Fearon
Cheryl Fitzer-Attas
Sergiu Groppa
Ashwani Jha
Melissa Nirenberg
Santiago Perez-Lloret
Cynthia Poon
Hussain Raji
Ruth Schneider
Travis Turner
Jinyoung Youn

  COA Education and Training Committee

Primary Function: 
- Identify and prioritize the need for educational and training requirements for MDS-owned scales   
- Provide recommendations and guidelines for the development of new educational and training programs for MDS-owned assessments 
- Advise groups on the development of educational programs on assessment tools  
- Establish standards for rating scales educational and training programs 
- Maintain online and in-person training and certificate programs for MDS-owned rating scales by providing comprehensive reviews of existing training programs and providing recommendations for revisions 

Committee members: 
Cristian Falup-Pecurariu, Chair
Ece Bayram, Vice-Chair
M. Cenk Akbostanci
Manon Auffret
Abdoulaye Bocoum
Ingrid Estrada Bellmann
Mubasher Qamar
Jinghong Ma
Oluwadamilola O. Ojo
Pramod K. Pal
Federico J. Rodriguez-Porcel
Cholpon Shambetova

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