Center to Center Movement Disorders Training

Note: MDS is currently not accepting applications while the pilot training is being implemented.

Photo: Participants from Saudi Arabia and Pakistan
gather for their Center to Center planning.

Saudi Arabia and Pakistan gather for their Center to Center planning.

September 2018

As part of its 2018-2021 Strategic Plan, MDS is exploring a new Center to Center training program in an effort to help underserved regions across the globe that lack appropriate education, skills and tools to diagnose, treat and manage Parkinson’s disease and other movement disorders.

For the duration of 2 years, a collaborative, fellowship-type program will be established between an expert (Mentor) center and a center in an underserved region (Mentee).

The mentor center will be a center specialized in movement disorders, and the mentor will be a trained movement disorders neurologist and MDS member. The mentee center will be a center that does not have trained movement disorders specialists, but should have the potential to treat sufficient numbers of patients with movement disorders to allow establishment of some subspecialty concentration. Over the long-term, the program may in some institutions have potential to lead to the development of a Movement Disorder Center.

Using tele-education, in-person visits, online tutorials, and support from the MDS Secretariat and other members, the Mentee will become competent in treating and diagnosing patients.

Following a recent call that was open to the entire MDS membership, five proposals were selected (see below) to contribute to a two-year pilot phase of the program. Based on the experience with these pilots, MDS will define the final format of the Center to Center training program.

The five centers represent all three of the MDS regions:

  • Thailand and Laos; Program Coordinator – Roongroj Bhidayasiri
  • Saudi Arabia and Pakistan; Program Coordinator – Jawad A. Bajwa
  • Estonia and Kazakhstan; Program Coordinator – Pille Taba
  • Canada and Trinidad/Tobago; Program Coordinator – Sylvain Chouinard
  • Japan and Indonesia; Program Coordinator – Yoshikazu Ugawa

For more information about the Center to Center Movement Disorders Training Program, e-mail


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