Basic Science Special Interest Group

Per Svenningsson, MD, PhD

Chair: Per Svenningsson, MD, PhD

Goals/ Main Objective(s): To establish a group of research-oriented neurologists and neuroscientists with interest in fundamental mechanisms underlying Movement Disorders. An important goal is to update clinical neurologists and neuroscientists on the forefront of research related to genetics, imaging, preclinical models and pathophysiological mechanisms of Movement Disorders and their therapies.

The Basic Science Special Interest Group (SIG) oversees the development of educational programs, online materials and interacts with the MDS leadership to promote and survey interest in Basic Science of Movement Disorders.

Goals of the Basic Science SIG:

  • Arrange an annual Steering Committee meeting at the MDS International Congresses
  • Arrange and support annual courses in Basic Science of Movement Disorders in the ES, PAS and AOS regions. The courses aim at engaging young neurologists and neuroscientists into research on Movement Disorders and to promote translational research involving multidisciplinary approaches
  • Propose educational topics/sessions for the MDS International Congress
  • Have consistent presence and make Basic Science visible at the MDS International Congresses and offer support to “meet the expert” sessions
  • Promote MDS membership among Basic Scientists.
  • Video record lectures from MDS Neuroscience of Movement Disorders courses and put on MDS webpage
  • Select topics selected for Online course modules for Basic Science
  • Survey interests of MDS members in aspects of Basic Science of Movement Disorders
  • Engage with the next generation researchers in Movement Disorders and advice on “how to write, submit, review and revise a scientific paper”, “how to propose a project”, and “how to make an oral presentation”
  • Look for opportunities to collaborate with other organizations with interest in basic and translational research on Movement Disorders

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