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        VOLUME 27, ISSUE 4 • December, 2023.  Full issue »

My Center: MedicalCenter in Bolivia

In its beginnings, Neurocenter, today MedicalCenter, was created in 2009, made up of a multidisciplinary medical team motivated by the responsibility of being able to provide the best neurological care in Bolivia. Today it has become a national reference.  

Based in Santa Cruz de la Sierra, it serves the department's estimated population of 3 million inhabitants and receives patients from neighboring provinces. Our neurology staff counts 9 specialists, 3 of whom have training in Movement Disorders (MDs). The strengths of the center are in the areas of Movement Disorders, Epilepsy and Vascular. In our outpatient clinic in a regular week, we receive a total of 350 neurologic patients. 

In 2020, the center was a pioneer in carrying out virtual consultations. We maintain this, using it for evaluations in the first consultation of patients who live far away before their first in-person visit; in the pre-surgical evaluation of patients with Parkinson's disease to evaluate whether they meet the referral criteria; in addition to monitoring patients from rural areas in the follow-up consult.  

We are also in the process of implementing the first-day hospital service in the country, which will allow our patients to receive complex therapies during the day under medical supervision and return to rest at home. 

Committed to the development of the country, we have a medical residency program. We have four Neurology residents, and we also receive multiple doctors from other specialties, who do their neurology rotations at our center. 

With the challenge of offering each patient personalized and excellent medical care, MedicalCenter promotes scientific research. Specifically in the MDs area, with the acquisition this year of a new 3T MRI, in addition to the signing of a work agreement with the Italian Hospital of Buenos Aires, Argentina, we can provide advanced imaging techniques like the determination of Nigrosoma 1 to aid in the diagnosis of Parkinson's Disease. In addition, a new project in conjunction with the United Consortium for the validation of a new portable 0.05 T (low field) resonator will allow us to travel to rural areas of the country to offer the imaging option.  

In the area of genetics, we recently joined the Large-PD program, which will allow us to carry out a genetic characterization of patients with Parkinson's disease in our country and thus obtain updated statistical data that can be used to draw up future strategies.  

Another fundamental pillar for the medical entity is to be able to serve its community, and that is why it has a department focused on solidarity with patients in need, providing them with affordable prices for diagnostic tests, consultations with specialists, and their treatments; and providing them with continuous medical information through talks on topics of interest to patients. 

Although we still have a lot to do, we believe that our commitment to the community and our patients and our trust in our professionals have been the basis of what we have achieved to date. 


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