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International Parkinson and Movement Disorder Society
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MDS-PAS Leadership

Pan American Section

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MDS-PAS Officers

Alberto Espay, MD, MSc, FAAN, FANA
Cincinnati, OH, USA

Irene Litvan, MD
La Jolla, CA, USA

Mayela Rodríguez-Violante
México City, México

Gabriel Arango, MD
Bogotá, Colombia

Sarah Camargos, MD
Belo Horizonte, Brazil

Maria Cecilia Peralta 
Buenos Aires, Argentina

Past Chair
Susan Fox, MRCP (UK), PhD
Toronto, ON, Canada

MDS-PAS Executive Committee

Tamine Capato
São Paulo, Brazil

Mario Cornejo-Olivas, MD 
Lima, Peru 

Stewart Factor, DO  
Atlanta, GA, USA 

Ignacio Fernandez Mata 
Cleveland, OH, USA 

Monica Haddad, MD, MSc  
São Paulo, Brazil   

Davide Martino, MD, PhD 
Calgary, AB, Canada 

Sarah Pirio Richardson, MD 
Albuquerque, NM, USA 

Tamara Milka Pringsheim, MD
Calgary, AB, Canada

Malco Damian Rossi, MD, PhD
Buenos Aires, Argentina

Thiago Cardoso Vale, MD, PhD
Juiz de Fora, Brazil

MDS-PAS Education Committee


Sarah Pirio Richardson, MD 
Albuquerque, NM, USA 

Emilia Mabel Gatto, MD, FAAN
Buenos Aires, Argentina

Camila Aquino, MD, MSc, PhD
Calgary, AB, Canada

Veronica Bruno, MD, MPH 
Calgary, AB, Canada

Carlos Henrique F. Camargo, MD, PhD, FAAN
Ponta Grossa , Brazil

Erick Gonzalez Delgado, MD, PhD 
Santa Cruz, Bolivia 

Andres F. Deik, MD, MSEd, FAAN
Philadelphia, PA, USA

Heather Fortuine, DPT, NCS 
Mequon, WI, USA 

Joohi Jimenez-Shahed, MD 
New York, NY, USA 

Lorraine Kalia, MD, PhD 
Toronto, ON, Canada 

Marcela Montiel, MD 
Buenos Aires, Argentina

Maira Olchik, PhD 
Porto Alegre, Brazil 

Juan Sebastian Saavedra-Moreno, MD
Medellín, Colombia

Past Chair
Thiago Cardoso Vale, MD 
Juiz de Fora, Brazil 

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