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        VOLUME 28, ISSUE 2 • JUNE 2024.  Full issue »

“Tango en el Ramos:” A tango dance workshop for Parkinson's disease patients

A group of neurologists at the Hospital Jose Maria Ramos Mejia in Buenos Aires, Argentina, has been conducting a workshop on tango dance for Parkinson's Disease patients for the last 13 years, in collaboration with three professional tango teachers.  

Moving Along Editorial Board Member Sergio Rodriguez-Quiroga interviews neurologists Nélida Garretto and Tomoko Arakaki, as well as tango teachers Manuel Firmani, Verónica Litvak, and Laura Segade, about this workshop.



Supplementary material 
“The healing Hug,” World Parkinson Congress, Montreal 2013 
“Tango Trilogy,” Argentine Congress Of Neurology,  Buenos Aires Argentina 2020 


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