World Parkinson's Day in Taiwan

A warm-up for the 3rd AOPMC 2011 and the 8th APPA International Congress

About 300 Parkinson’s patients celebrated World Parkinson’s Day in the sunshine.On April 10, 2010, more than 10 Parkinson’s disease (PD) Patient Groups gathered in Jhongsing Village, Nantou County, to participate in the Walk for Parkinson’s event organized by the Taiwan Movement Disorders Society. Despite the disease and the inconvenience caused by the illness, nearly 300 PD patients participated in the outdoor event together with their friends, families and caregivers. It was an energetic and lively day, with participants completing the walk even on wheelchairs and cycling!

Mr. Tseng, who has suffered from Parkinson’s disease for 19 years, started cycling rehabilitation 2 years ago. He participated in the event in Nantou and demonstrated his liveliness. The Walk for Parkinson's this year is the biggest event ever for PD patients in Taiwan. President of the Taiwan Movement Disorders Society, Dr Han-Cheng Wang, said: "The objective of holding this event is to encourage Parkinson's patients to go outdoors and to enjoy the sunlight!" Dr Wang further mentioned that although people with PD do have physical limitations, with support from families and health professionals, they can still enjoy healthy activities and to lead a fulfilling life.

Former President of the Society, Dr Ruey-Meei (Robin) Wu described this event as "healthy, energizing, and knowledge-building."

There was ample opportunity not only for doctors to interact with patients, but also for patients to share their life experiences with one another. Everyone had a very memorable day and gave extremely positive feedback to the organizer.

The Walk for Parkinson's was also a warm-up event for the 3rd AOPMC 2011, and the 8th APPA International Congress, organized by the Taiwan Movement Disorders Society and to be held in Taipei in June 2011.