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International Parkinson and Movement Disorder Society
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Meeting Endorsement by MDS

Apply to have a Movement Disorders event officially sanctioned by MDS, including promotion in our calendar and other materials. 

Endorsed Meetings should be open to the general community of neurologists, neuroscientists, and others with an interest in movement disorders. Applications will only be accepted from individuals and non-profits and not from pharmaceutical and/or company-run meetings. The meeting faculty should represent multiple institutions and not represent the opinions of a single institution.

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Eligible meetings should be organized by nonprofit specialty societies, academic institutions and/or other educational entities, held at an appropriate location where the gathering is primarily dedicated, in both time and effort, to provide objective scientific and educational activities and discourse, and the main incentive for bringing attendees together is to further their knowledge on Movement Disorder topic(s).

Application and Review Process

Meeting organizers must submit a proposed program, including topics and faculty, through a centralized MDS Grants application. Applications for Endorsed Meetings may be further requested to provide the credentials of the organizers, scientific and educational merit, independent review process, and financial disclosure and conflict of interest disclosures to ensure scientific independence from commercial interest.

Endorsed Meeting applications must be submitted at least four months prior to the date of the meeting. Any meeting submitted later than 4 months prior may be subject to rejection based on the timeline.

All Endorsed Meeting program applications will be reviewed by the relevant Regional Section Leadership for scientific merit and conflict with existing MDS events. The Regional Leaderships’ comments will be provided to the Central Treasurer-Elect, who will make an endorsement recommendation to the President. The approved applications will be shared with the MDS Officers and International Executive Committee during regular meetings.

Agreement: The organizer(s) shall agree to:

A. Credit MDS for its endorsement of the meeting in all-meeting publications and announcements, including promotional brochures, website, and in newsletters when applicable.
B. Provide MDS with copies of all meeting literature including program, abstracts, proceedings and promotional materials as well as a list of recent meeting attendees including both mailing and e-mail addresses when available.
C. Provide one complimentary page in the meeting program for an advertisement by the International Parkinson and Movement Disorder Society. 

MDS Endorsed Meetings may use the MDS logo in promotional materials for the event in conjunction with the following statement: "Endorsed by the International Parkinson and Movement Disorder Society." The MDS logo and Society name may not be used for any other purpose unless approved by the International Secretariat.

MDS will promote Endorsed Meetings to the MDS Membership as available and applicable. The International Parkinson and Movement Disorder Society will not provide any funding for Endorsed Meetings and shall have no fiscal responsibility for the meeting and no liability for any event associated with the meeting.

For further information regarding Endorsed Meetings (without funding), please contact:

International Secretariat
555 East Wells Street, Suite 1100
Milwaukee, WI 53202-3823 USA
Tel: +1 414-276-2145 Fax: +1 414-276-3349


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