As part of the mission of MDS – to advance the education of medical professionals worldwide, improve diagnosis and treatment, and encourage research in Parkinson's disease and all other movement disorders – the Society is proud to offer a full spectrum of e-learning educational opportunities to members and non-members alike.

All MDS e-learning courses are presented using Learning Management System (LMS) software, to easily organize and customize delivery of content of all MDS courses. This new system creates a single portal that houses all MDS educational activities, and allows all users to review their progress, retrieve certificates and keep track of their e-learning CME credits.

The LMS currently includes the following activities:

MDS Fundamentals Course

The Fundamentals Course Series consists of over 30 video presentations detailing an overview of various aspects and clinical approaches to the evaluation and management of common movement disorders. All clinicians are welcome to review this free educational opportunity, in particular residents who may be looking for information on the specialty. Below you can find a summary of presentation topics and speakers.

No CME credit available
20 minutes – 1 hour in length
Number of Courses Offered: 31

Interactive Courses

Each course is approximately 30-40 minutes in length. No CME credit available.

Drug-Induced Movement Disorders: Myoclonus, Chorea, and Tremor - Adolfo Ramirez-Zamora and Tiago Teodora (Click on image below to hear Dr. Ramirez-Zamora discuss this topic.)

Drug-induced Movement Disorders: Acute Dystonia and Akathisia - Daniel Martinez-Ramirez, Adolfo Ramirez-Zamora, Elena Cecilia Rosca (Click on image below to hear Dr. Martinez-Ramirez discuss this topic.)

Drug-induced Movement Disorders: Neuroleptic Malignant Syndrome - Monica Kurtis, Jessica Baker, and Roopa Rajan (Click on images below to hear Drs. Kurtis, Baker, and Rajan discuss this topic.)


Drug-Induced Movement Disorders: Parkinsonism - Kelvin Chou and Kara Wyant

Drug-Induced Movement Disorders: Tardive Syndromes - Tomas de la Riestra, Sara Schaefer, Santiago Perez-Lloret

Huntington’s Disease: Motor Symptoms and Treatment - Rasheda El-Nazer and Michael Soileau (Click on image below to hear Dr. Soileau discuss this topic.)

Huntington's Disease: Genetics and Pathophysiology - Marianthi Breza and Yury Seliverstov

Improving Hospital Stays for Patients with Parkinson’s Disease - Kelvin Chou

Coffee Break CME

2 CME Credits Available
Number of Courses Offered: 11
2 hours in length

No time for CME?  No problem, the Coffee Break CME is specially designed for the busy clinician. For physicians who care for Parkinson’s disease (PD) and Movement Disorders patients, continuing education is critical to providing the best care possible.

This program provides information in a modular format where each module is focused on a single topic that can be completed in a short period of time while providing the clinician with updated information that is relevant to his or her practice. Both standard approaches and new advances are highlighted.

Device-Aided Medical Therapies

No CME Credit Available
1 hour in length
Number of Courses Offered: 10

Device-Aided Medical Therapies in Parkinson's disease series was designed by a panel of worldwide specialists around the main practical issues involved with device aided treatments of Parkinson’s disease. Each module will take approximately 1 hour to complete.

This course series, provided as 10 separate modules, addresses issues such as identifying patients who may or may not benefit from the treatment, recognizing the titration and the monitoring of clinical response, recognizing the main complications and managing them, and comparing these treatments with conventional oral dopaminergic therapies, as well as against each other.

Online Journal CME

Online Journal CME courses derive from specially selected articles from the monthly Movement Disorders Journal. Articles are paired with questions that when answered correctly, give the participant CME credit. Journal CME courses are added often and removed after 1 year so as to maintain the accuracy and relevancy of topics covered. CME journal articles are posted within 45 days of journal publication.

1 CME Credit Available
1 hour in length

2018 International Congress


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If you have questions regarding our new platform, please contact Program Manager Ericka Blackford.


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