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Table of Contents

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E-Learning & CME
Coffee Break CME

Coffee Break CME provides information whereby each module focuses on a single topic that provides the clinician with updated information relevant to his or her practice. 

Estimated Completion Time per Module: Approximately 2 hours

Device Aided Therapy Courses

The Device Aided Medical Therapies in Parkinson's Disease series was designed by a panel of worldwide specialists around the main practical issues involved with device aided treatments of Parkinson’s disease.

Each module will take approximately 1 hour to complete.

  • Module 1: A Practical Comparison of Apomorphine, Long-acting Dopaminergic Agents, DBS, and LCIG (PD, H)
  • Module 2: Indications and Contraindications for the Use of Apomorphine, Levodopa-Carbidopa Intestinal Gel and DBS in PD (PD, H)
  • Module 3: The Role of Dopaminergic Challenge Tests Before Starting Device Aided Therapy (PD, H)
  • Module 4: Practical Aspects of Performing Dopaminergic Challenge Tests (PD, H)
  • Module 5: Introduction and Starting and Titrating Continuous Apomorphine Infusion (PD, H)
  • Module 6: Starting and Titrating Enteral Levodopa Therapy (PD, H)
  • Module 7: Initial Deep Brain Stimulation Programming (PD, H)
  • Module 8: Introduction and Complications of Subcutaneous Apomorphine Injections and Continuous Infusions (PD, H)
  • Module 9: Complications of Enteral Levodopa (PD, H)
  • Module 10: Complications of Deep Brain Stimulation (PD)
Journal CME*

Journal CME courses derive from specially selected articles from the monthly Movement Disorders Journal. Articles are paired with questions that when answered correctly, give the participant CME credit. Journal CME courses are added often and removed after 1 year so as to maintain the accuracy and relevancy of topics covered. 

Estimated Completion Time per Module: 1 hour

Movement Disorders Journal Videos
Movement Disorders Journal Videos

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Movement Disorders Clinical Practice
Movement Disorders Clinical Practice

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Task Force Papers
Task Force Papers*
International Congress Teaching Videos
 International Congress

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MDS Rating Scales
MDS Rating Scales

Scales and questionnaires are owned and licensed by MDS. This section includes access to the MDS-UPDRS and the UDysRS, as well as online training for each. (PD, O, H)

Evidence Based Medicine Publications
Evidence Based Medicine Publications