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International Parkinson and Movement Disorder Society
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        VOLUME 27, ISSUE 1 • March 2023.  Full issue »

President's Message


Hello everyone, this is Francisco Cardoso, MDS President. I'm here to introduce you to the new issue of Moving Along. This time, I would like to highlight two main points:

The first one is that we have everything set for this year's International Congress of our Society. This will be a very exciting meeting to be held in the beautiful Copenhagen at the end of August. Unlike last year, where, for reasons related to the COVID pandemic, we had many restraints, this time around we'll have a full edition of our Congress. That means that we are back to the number of days that we used to have in the past. Importantly, we will be able to welcome every one of you who is willing to come to Copenhagen. We very much look forward to seeing you all in Denmark.

The program put together by Steve Frucht and his team of the CSPC looks really great. It's a very fine and well-balanced mixture of cutting-edge science in our field with very practical issues that are relevant to those of us who are clinicians and see people with movement disorders.

Speaking of that, this leads me to the second point of this introduction to the new issue of Moving Along. I'd like to highlight how important it is to increase the care of people with movement disorders. It's a point that I have repeatedly talked about. Is that probably unlike what some people believe that access to care is a problem in underdeveloped countries or developing countries? In fact, this is a global issue. In the wealthiest countries of the world, people have difficulties in finding healthcare professionals. And I'm not talking exclusively about physicians who are skilled to manage movement disorders.

So, the main issue of our society is actually to provide education to healthcare professionals in an attempt to increase the quality of care. But we, in addition to educating ourselves, we really need to act very decisively in our local communities, trying to improve the access to different modalities of healthcare in movement as well. So, that involves the ability to make a diagnosis and, of course, the ability to provide meaningful management therapies.

So, this is really one major goal when we speak about basic science, when we speak about translational science, and all these scientific work that has been done. The main goal of this production and, of course, the main issue of this is really to translate all these scientific advances in improvement of the quality of life of people with movement disorders at a global level. So, I really urge you all to join us in this effort at a global level.

Thank you very much for your attention, and I would like to finish saying that we have an exciting new issue of Moving Along. And I'd really like to thank Antonio Strafella, our chief Editor of Moving Along, his very vibrant team of the editorial board for providing such a fine product.

So, thank you very much, and see you all in Copenhagen. Thank you.

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