Book Review: Movement Disorders: Unforgettable Cases and Lessons from the Bedside

Movement Disorders: Unforgettable Cases and Lessons from the Bedside

Authors/Editors: Hubert H. Fernandez, MD
Cleveland Clinic Lerner College of Medicine, Cleveland, Ohio USA
Marcello Merello, MD, PhD
Institute for Neurological Research Raul Carrea (FLENI)
Buenos Aires, Argentina
Demos Medical Publishing (2012) 

Review contributed by Gerald Stern, MD
University College Hospitals
Queen Square
London WC1 UK
January 2013
Convinced that as an instrument of education, “The pen is mightier than the screen,” the Editors have assembled the experiences of 98 distinguished and authoritative colleagues to present their most memorable cases in movement disorders. The style is succinct and disciplined and is presented in the format of a triptych: the Case, the Approach and the Lesson, followed by a few relevant supportive references.
While the authors may have required considerable diplomatic charm, in persuading their large team of contributors to assemble at the finishing post, their efforts have been admirably successful. They have produced a delightful, enjoyable book, which – unlike many textbooks – is a delight to read. I suspect it will find a place of honour at the clinician’s bedside, where after the stresses of a busy professional life, he (or she) will be enchanted and delighted to be educated in such a pleasant manner.
It would be invidious to mention certain contributions that appeared to be particularly memorable, because every account successfully conveys a worthwhile educative message. The Editors and contributors are to be warmly congratulated in presenting the essence of bedside teaching in such an attractive manner.


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