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        VOLUME 28, ISSUE 2 • JUNE 2024.  Full issue »

MDS launches new “Clinical Clues” video series for World Parkinson's Day 

On April 11, MDS joins global organizations around the globe to raise awareness about Parkinson’s disease for World Parkinson’s Day.  

As a professional organization, MDS strives to ensure health care providers are prepared to treat these complex diseases. While the technology is advancing rapidly, understanding the movements themselves is still a critical component of diagnosis.  

The differences in some movements can be subtle, but the implications for care may be completely different.   

Clinicians who have been in the field for a long time often pick up on small indicators that aren’t widely discussed in the literature in the field. To help preserve and pass along this institutional knowledge, MDS launched a new series, Clinical Clues, where senior physicians share their best lesser-known advice.  

The first featured videos premiered on World Parkinson’s Day:  

Clinical Clue: An often-misdiagnosed sign of Parkinson's disease 

Clinical clue from Dr. Claudia Trenkwalder: Learn to spot a sign of Parkinson's disease (PD) in younger patients that is often misdiagnosed as a functional movement disorder. 


Clinical Clue: Use arm swinging to identify Parkinson's disease 

Clinical Clue from Dr. Vijayashankar Paramanandam: Learn how arm swinging can be used to identify patients with PD. 


Clinical Clue: A potential sign of Parkinson's disease before motor symptoms appear 

From Dr. Njideka Okubadejo: Learn a sign that can predate recognizable motor features in PD patients by 10 to 20 years — and help support differential diagnosis with limited resources. 


Moving forward, this series will expand to share tips to differentiate or treat the vast variety of movement disorders. You can view the ongoing Clinical Clues series together in the YouTube playlist.  

View playlist » 

And each April 11, share with the hashtag #WorldParkinsonsDay to raise awareness about Parkinson's disease. MDS has a variety of other useful graphics and videos you can use: 

View the toolkit » 


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