MDS-Africa Visiting Trainee Grant Program


The International Parkinson and Attendees and faculty pose for a photo at the 1st MDS African School for Young Neurologists in Cairo, Egypt held January 17-19, 2019. Movement Disorder Society-African Visiting Trainee Grant Program is a new initiative in Africa in 2019. This program aims to promote the education, training and experience in movement disorders and establish clinical and research links among African member sites.

The program offers two different types of grants: Clinical program and Research program.

The Clinical Visiting Trainee Grant focuses on applicants who wish to increase their knowledge in movement disorders, advance their recognition of patterns of movement disorders, improve their diagnoses and management of movement disorders’ patients, and with the goal to bring these clinical skills back to their home country.

The Research Visiting Trainee Grant focuses on applicants who wish to develop a research program, working on an existing research project, interact with other researchers and with the goal to continue research upon return to their home country.

The grant will provide support for a 3-to-6 month program which promotes education, training and experience in movement disorders for young neurologists.  The program focuses particularly on African members who do not have many opportunities or funds for training in their current location and also hopes to establish clinical and research links between institutions and members throughout the African continent.

Application Eligibility

Applications are open to residents, fellows, and those trained in a recognized neurology training program, or recent graduates from such a program who have returned to practice in their home site within five-years of completing training. Status must be certified in writing by the applicant’s employer or past supervisor. Applicants must reside in an African country and be members of MDS.  To find out more about MDS membership, visit the MDS Membership webpage.

The trainee grant is awarded to applicants from the African continent who do not have access to such fellowships and training in their own countries. Institutions that will support a Visiting Trainee Grant applicant can be found by clicking "List of Host Sites" button below.

Applicants must provide a letter of acceptance or letter of intent from the training institution with their application.

List of Host Sites

If you have already registered for a program that begins in 2019, you can still apply for this grant support.  You can also register for some training experience at an Institution within Africa that can provide some movement disorder training.

When you submit your application, you will also need to know the amount of grant you are requesting and a breakdown of the expenses for the grant (travel, housing, etc.).

Application Requirements

  • General neurology training in a recognized training center or master’s degree, graduate or other training (PhD) in research movement disorders of basil ganglia
  • Letter of recommendation from current supervisor or department chair
  • Detailed outline with aims of the proposed study in host facility
  • Letter of acceptance or letter of intent from host institution and sponsor
  • Submission of formal application form (found below) within specified dates
  • Willingness to help develop others in the region
  • Committed to remaining in Africa

Please note that accepted trainees will be responsible for providing their own medical insurance and all the communication needed between themselves and the host site; including, knowledge of the program, any tuition, housing, other expenses, etc.

Selection Process

Only complete applications received by the application deadline will be considered.  Applications will be reviewed by the African Steering Committee within two weeks of the closing deadline.  Preference will be given to candidates with the strongest qualifications and need in accordance with the guidelines outlined above.  The number of trainee grants awarded will depend on the available budget for a given year and the needs of the applicants selected.

Terms and Awards

Applicants can apply for a trainee grant of 3-to-6 months in duration according to their individual goals, the host and available funding.  The award amounts for each trainee grant may vary respectively depending on the training and needs of the person. The Visiting Trainee Grant program must begin within 6 months of acceptance and take place within the year the grant is awarded.

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