Evidence Based Medicine in Movement Disorders Committee

Regina Katzenschlager

MDS Staff Liaison: Allie Oakley

Committee Purpose
To develop and publish Evidence Based Medicine reviews on treatments for movement disorders.

Committee Members

Brandon Barton
Robert de Bie
Miguel Coelho
Joaquim Ferreira
Susan Fox
Shen-Yang Lim
Santiago Perez Lloret
Tiago Mestre
Melissa Nirenberg
Werner Poewe
Cristina Sampaio
Michael Schwarzschild
Klaus Seppi
Juliane Winkelmann

EBM Groups

Parkinson's Disease Update on Motor Symptoms

  • Robert de Bie, Chair

Camila Aquino
Verónica Bruno
Joke Dijk
Susan Fox
Regina Katzenschlager
Shen-Yang Lim
Marina Peball
Klaus Seppi
Monty Silverdale


Parkinson's Disease Update on Non-Motor Symptoms

  • Miguel Coelho, Chair

Camila Aquino
Lana Chahine
K. Ray Chaudhuri
Shen-Yang Lim
Santiago Perez Lloret
Klaus Seppi
Daniel Weintraub


Recommendations for the Management of Huntington’s disease

  • Joaquim Ferreira, Chair

Anne-Catherine Bachoud-Lévi
Anna Rita Bentivoglio
Jean-Marc Burgunder
Francisco Cardoso
Daniel Claassen
João Costa
David Craufurd
Jaime Kulisevsky
G. Bernard Landewehrmeyer
Tiago Mestre
Melissa Nirenberg
Daniela Rae
Raymund A.C. Roos
Anne Rosser
Jan Roth
Cristina Sampaio
Klaus Seppi
Jaroslaw Slawek
Erin Furr Stimming
Sarah Tabrizi
Wim Vandenberghe
Francis Walker


Restless Legs Syndrome Update on Treatments

  • Juliane Winkelmann, Chair

Richard Allen
Birgit Hogl
Yuichi Inoue
Wolfgang Oertel
Cristina Sampaio
Claudia Trenkwalder
Art Walters
John Winkelman


Tremor Update on Treatments

  • Joaquim Ferreira, Chair

Giovanni Abbruzzese
Julián Benito-León
Günther Deuschl
Kelly Lyons
Tiago Mestre
Eng-King Tan


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