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Pioneer Surgeon Lars Leksell

Lars Leksell


Pioneer surgeon Lars Leksell was known as the father of stereotactic radiosurgery.Born in Fassberg, Sweden in 1907, Lars Leksell attended medical school at the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm. After training under Herbet Olivecrona at the Institute, he later succeeded Olivecrona as the chairman of neurosurgery in 1961. Initially working in electrophysiology for his doctoral thesis, Leksell would eventually identify the motor innervation of the muscle spindle in his publication in 1945.

Known as the father of stereotactic radiosurgery, Leksell entered the field when the morbidity and mortality associated with neurosurgery greatly outweighed the benefits. In 1948, he developed an arc-centered stereotactic frame based upon the original model built by Spiegel and Wycis in 1947. During this time Leksell also began developing what he called "radiosurgery", cross-firing ionizing radiation at a target in the brain. Leksell introduced an improved sterotactic frame in 1949, the Leksell Sterotactic system. The advantage of the frame was it's ability to attach surgical instruments to increase. During this time he also continued to improve and study radiosurgery until the application of his frame with high-energy proton radiosurgery from multiple radioactive cobalt sources. The first operation with the "gamma knife" was in 1960 during the first human sterotactic proton beam operation. Creating what is still the gold-standard for radiosurgery today, Leksell installed the first gamma unit in Stockholm in 1968. Over the rest of his career, Leksell treated 762 patients with the "Gamma Knife". Throughout this time he would propose improving radiosurgery with modern imaging modalities including CT, MRI and angiography, as is currently used today.


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