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Ataxia Study Group

Chair: Hélio A. G. Teive

Co-Chair: Tetsuo Ashizawa

MDS Staff Liaison: Amber Flatland

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Asian and Oceanian Section
Australia: Huiliang Melissa Tang
India: Pramod Pal, Vijayashankar Paramanandam, Divya Radhakrishnan, Achal Srivastava
Japan: Shoji Tsuji
Korea: Han-Joon Kim, Woong-Woo Lee
Thailand: Kulthida Methawasin

African Section
Egpyt: Ehab Naser Sabry

European Section
Austria: Elisabetta Indelicato
Belgium: Mario Manto
France: Alexis Brice, Alessandra Durr
Germany: Thomas Klockgether, Matthis Synofzik
Italy: Alessia Di Fonzo
Netherlands: Bart van de Warrenburg
Poland: Katarzyna Smilowska
United Kingdom: Hector Garcia-Moreno, Yi Shiauu Ng, Paola Giunti, Henry Houlden 

Pan American Section
Argentina: Santiago Perez Lloret, Malco Rossi
Brazil: Orlando Barsottini, Carlos Henrique Camargo, Marcus Della Coletta, Clecio Godeiro Jr., Ingrid Gomes, Luiz Eduardo Novis, Jose Luiz Pedroso, Helio Teive
Canada: Antoine Duquette, Oksana Suchowersky
Cuba: Luiz Velazquez-Perez
Portugal: Vanessa Carvalho, Joana Damasio
USA: Tetsuo Ashizawa, Sanaz Attaripour Isfahani, Khalaf Bushara, Anhar Hassan, Sheng-Han Kuo, Chi-Ying Lin, Puneet Opal, Vikram Shakkottai, Christofer Stephen, David Lynch, Massimo Pandolfo, Henry Paulson, Susan Perlman, Stefan Pulst, Theresa Zesiewicz 

Goals/Mission/Main Objective(s):
The main missions of the Ataxia Study Group will be to:
  • Assess ataxia scales.
  • Create algorithms for genetic evaluation of ataxias.
  • Reporting annually on the progress and next steps on ataxias.
  • To organize meetings during the annual MDS Congress, or during the annual regional meetings.
Additional information (background, current or proposed projects, etc):
  • Defining the needs in the ataxia research
  • Developing a scientific task on a long-term basis, in the area of ataxias




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