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Speech Impairment in Movement Disorders Study Group

Elina Tripoliti Serge Pinto
Chair: Elina Tripoliti      Co-Chair: Serge Pinto 
Steering Committee:

John Dean, USA
Hanneke Kalf, Netherlands

MDS Staff Liaison: Alisa Streets


Membership of the Speech Study Group include specialists in hyperkinetic/dystonic voice disorders, swallowing, acoustic acquisition and analysis, facial expression, clinical and therapy innovations, and measuring impact of speech impairment.

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Speech Clinicians/ Researchers: 

Dr Cynthia Fox, (USA)
Dr Lori Ramig (USA)
Dr Michelle Ciucci (USA)
Dr Julie Berkmeier-Kraemer (USA) 

Dr Yael Manor (Israel)

Dr Gabriella Sharpe (Australia)
Dr Adam Vogel (Australia) 

Dr Jan Rusz (Czech Republic)
Dr Tereza Tykalova (Czech Republic) 
Dr Jiri Mekyska (Czech Republic)
Dr Michal Novotny (Czech Republic) 

Dr Ellika Schalling (Sweden)

Dr Maira Olchik (Brazil)

Dr Hanneke Kalf (Netherlands)

Dr John Dean (Portugal/USA) 



Prof Caroline Moreau (France)

Prof Miguel Coelho (Portugal)

Prof Kristina Simonyan (USA-Harvard) 

Prof Michael Barbe (Germany)

Dr Supraja Ananda (USA)

Dr Takashi Tsuboi (Japan)

Goals/Mission/Main Objective(s):

As a newly formed, international and multidisciplinary group, our aim is to share clinical and research experience across the world in all aspects of communication and swallowing difficulties of patients with Movement disorders.


1. Speech and Swallowing Schools

Since the formation of the group in 2017 till 2022 we have organized 5 Speech and Swallowing schools, under the auspices of the MDS:
2017: Aix-en-Provence; France; Directors: Dr Serge Pinto and Dr Elina Tripoliti
2018: London, UK; Directors: Dr Elina Tripoliti and Dr Patricia Limousin  
2019: Prague, Czech Republic; Directors: Dr Jan Rusz and Dr Elina Tripoliti
2021: Virtual School; Directors: Dr Elina Tripoliti and Dr Hanneke Kalf

2022: Virtual School MDT Team Work; Directors: Dr Elina Tripoliti, Dr Ota Gall and Dr Ingrid Sturkenboom 


2. Module development

In 2022-2023 the group members have been involved in producing online Education modules for Speech and Swallowing. (we should have the links to those, swallowing is ready and the speech one into production)

3. Editorial activity

Serge Pinto and Caroline Moreau published this year (2019) a viewpoint in Movement Disorders that focused the attention of the readers to ‘Misconceptions of speech impairment in Parkinson’s disease’ (

The preparation of a MDS Special Issue 

For 2020, we intend to propose a Special Issue for the MDS journal editors on “Motor and non-motor aspects of speech and language in PD”. The aim of this special issue would be to focus on important facts:

• The neurological bases of normal speech production and speech impairment in PD;

• The description and assessment of speech impairment in PD;

• The relevance of a rehabilitation program targeting speech impairment in PD patients.

• Speech impairment in PD is usually only investigated from its motor aspects

• Higher-order cognitive dysfunctions contribute to dysarthria: how? Which of them? Etc.

• Speech is a component of a larger competence: communication

• Emotional and motivational aspects/deficits contribute to speech impairment in PD

• Care of patients with advanced PD.

• Case studies of rehabilitation of patients with Atypical PD and Dystonia.

4. Future Plans

3-yrs plan: to develop a 3-yrs plan in line with the MDS priorities and to encourage the following: 
•    Education 
•    Collaborating with other MDs Study Groups  
•    Organize material (e.g. video) to support our Guidelines for speech recording and acoustic analysis  
•    To appoint a new Chair and Co-chair at our meeting in Copenhagen August 2023

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