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Task Force Mandate:

Understanding heterogeneity in Parkinson’s disease (PD) has deserved considerable attention for its recognized potential to elucidate the disease pathophysiology, its natural history, and namely for therapeutic development.  However, this body of research has not yet had a significant impact on our understanding or treatment of PD.

The Task Force for PD Subtypes will critically appraise the available evidence on PD subtyping, to provide an updated guidance for the design and conduct of future studies on PD subtypes. 

Task Force Aims:

1. To provide a portrait of current knowledge on PD subtypes

2. To provide a definition of PD subtypes and PD subtype classification system 

3. To develop a guidance document on the definition of PD subtypes and PD subtype classification systems and recommendations for next steps in research

At the completion of the Task Force program, we hope to have laid the foundations for future studies of higher methodological quality and more direct relevance for the field with a direct application in PD, but with a potential utility in other complex neurodegenerative conditions. 


MDS Staff Liaison: Sarah Smith

Task Force Members

Daniela Berg Christine Klein
Nicolaas Bohnen Albert Leentjens
Kathy Dujardin Johan (Han) Marinus
Roberto Erro Brit Mollenhauer
Alberto Espay Ron Postuma
Seyed-Mohammad Fereshtehnejad Mayela Rodriguez Violante
Glenda Halliday Tatyana Simuni
Michele Hu D. James Surmeier
Beomseok Jeon J.J. (Bob) Van Hilten