Rodger Elble

Rodger Elble

MDS Staff Liaison: Shazia Ali

Study Group Purpose

The purpose of this Study Group is to review the available rating scales and transducers available for measuring tremor, with emphasis on their validity and sensitivity to change.  An evidence based review of published treatments for pathologic tremors is being conducted.  Existing classifications for tremor are being reviewed, with emphasis on essential tremor and other monosymptomatic tremor disorders of unknown etiology.


Giovanni Abbruzzese
Peter Bain
Nin Bajaj
Julián Benito-León
Kailash Bhatia
Günther Deuschl

Joaquim Ferreira
Mark Hallett
Dietrich Haubenberger
Maria Joao Forjaz
Elan Louis
Kelly Lyons


Tiago Mestre
Jan Raethjen
Maria Stamelou
Claudia Testa